Angry (But Powerless) Lawmakers

Lots of strike talk in comments yesterday and over the weekend -- fascinating stuff in there (two posts down) -- but first up to strike or not are the janitors, says Crain's, and only after state legislators are done bitching at Brizard for disrespecting the community and the legislators downstate (doesn't sound like they can or are going to do much about it, however).

Loop janitors 'ready to strike,' union chief says Crain's: Armed with a strike-authorization vote, the head of the union that represents janitors at most downtown office buildings says his members are quite prepared to walk out if they don't get an acceptable new contract.

Legislators grill Brizard on school closings, turnarounds Catalyst: Rep. Mary Flowers charged that the schools CPS has closed have been on the south side of the city or have affected just “Latino or brown” communities. “Can you tell me what European or Caucasian school that you have closed or turned around?”Brizard said that race and ethnicity are unrelated to decisions about interventions, but Flowers continued on a roll. Brizard tried to respond, but could not.


Leaked Memo Reveals Illinois Teachers' Pension Fund Severely Insufficient MyFox Chicago: There are currently 362000 members in the retirement system, and this change would affect roughly 100000 members - teachers who worked in public schools around the state, excluding those in Chicago public schools.

Lottery winners include Illinois schools — pocketing $31.5 million Sun Times:  Last week’s record-setting $656 million winning Mega Millions lottery jackpot got loads of attention, which kept pushing up ticket sales, but now the head of the Illinois Lottery says he worries that people won’t be interested any more unless there’s a huge pot.


Rahm in Washington: Fenger High School reducing youth violence Sun Times: Programs that worked at Fenger--including much closer cooperation with police-- have been expanded to 14 high schools in Chicago, the mayor said.

Too Young to Die National Review Online: Vaughn, a student at Julian High School, was the 23rd Chicago Public Schools student slain that school year. From 2008 through January of 2012, 530 young people have been killed in Chicago, President Obama's hometown.


Chicago public school letters? Jefferson Park EveryBlock:  The CPS system is lousy! Children spend their whole time in elementary school making good grades and being high performing students who then have to compete for a few select spots in the "selective enrollment" CPS high schools. Many of these kids do not make it and end up having to "settle" because there are no other options at that point. It's shameful!

Local School Council Little Kids, Big City: I recently agreed to be on the board of my little one's preschool next year and I'm nurturing a fledgling business and trying to keep my house from falling into a pit of filth on a daily basis. I have this blog to keep up and I don't even have to mention the mountain of laundry that inhabits my dining room table most of the time.

CPS Partners With Churches To Keep Kids Safe This Spring Break CBS:  Chicago Public Schools are offering parents a way to keep their children off the street during this week of spring break.

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  • On the grilling of Brizard (since he is from Rochester, was it Zweigle's Red or White Hots?), sure the legislature could do something, but won't.

    But getting to the underlying premise of the interrogation, given the current demographics of the city of Chicago, and reports that there are some selective enrollment schools in which people are fighting to get seats for their children, what else would be left to turn around?

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