WBEZ Picks Up CNC Reporter

The bidding war for CNC's education reporter, Becky Vevea, has been resolved and the winner is WBEZ.  I'm told Vevea will join Linda Lutton covering the education beat starting April 2. No word yet on how they will divide the beat.  Seems like a good move, considering how much is going on and the time required for Lutton's long-form in-depth pieces.  WBEZ isn't the only NPR affiliate beefing up its education coverage.  Thanks to a couple of relatively recent hires, Los Angeles public radio station KPCC now has three education reporters after making do with just one for several years.



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  • Ms. Vevea is an excellent reporter and WBEZ made a very good addition to their staff.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Wish you had been in the audience last night, would have appreciated you take on Dick Smith's dance about IEP's. He told a parent he's leaving in 3 months .... So much for sped

  • Did anyone attend the community forum last night at Morgan Park HS in regard to the longer school day? If so, how did it go?

  • For a very thorough story about the Beverly/Morgan Park "Longer Day" meeting see:


  • Sadly CPS could not answer questions as simple as who will supervise students during recess appropriately. Disney II 's principal uses aides and it states in the recess guide that should not happen..... We were treated very poorly by CPS. For the number two in CPS, "Dr. Cheatham" seemed poorly informed on way too many instances.

  • Ms. Cheatam is out her league --why they send her to talk to parents--and large groups?-who knows--Denoso can't do it and JC is too busy being the face.
    6.5 and thrive is an excellent idea-it should be done!

  • I think 7.5 was just a negotiating position. If they had started at 6.5, the protesters would be wearing "6.0 to GO" tee shirts. CPS can "give" on the 7.5 during contract negotiations without really giving up anything.

    I think 7.5 would require reduced homework, and probably decrease attendance. Not much of an improvement.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Donn, it is not a negotiating position. CPS is not required to negotiate with the union over anything but salary and benefits. They have not negotiated and will not negotiate over anything but salary and benefits.

    CPS does not collaborate or negotiate, especially under Mayor Emanuel. CPS imposes its will on teachers, parents, students, and communities.

    CPS has already told principals to plan for a 7.5 hour day. CPS is scheduling students for a 7.5 hour day. CPS is in the process of amending tens of thousands of IEPs to reflect a 7.5 hour day.

    There will be a 7.5 hour day.

  • agree on reduced student attendance--many parents will pull their students out at end of the day or allow their children to be tardy--what a thing to learn and model! Our netwaork is MAKING all schools start at 7:50---5-6-7-8 years olds starting school at this time! Will there be nap-time built into the schedule?

  • there will be 15 more days for teachers and a 2% raise. 10 sick days if not used--lost each year. More cost for health and pension to employees.
    if there is no 75% CTU vote--the union is dead.

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