Walton Foundation Love

The Walton Family Foundation gave out a lot of school reform money last year, and a good chunk of it -- roughly $3 million -- was spent on Chicago.  Walton is somewhat different from Gates in that it is still very much focused on expanding the number of charter schools nationwide and also supports private school vouchers (just like JCB!). The Washington Post's Valerie Strauss has the story here. Scroll down to see the breakdown of Chicago grants (or click here). Worth noting at the national level is that Walton is spending nearly as much on policy and advocacy ($60 million) as it is on creating quality schools ($71 million) -- including Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst organization -- and that there are a lot of different grantees out there who get Walton money.

Catalyst Schools $30,000
Charter Fund, Inc.  (CSGF) 250,000
Christopher House 30,000
Erie Elementary Charter School 250,000
Illinois Network of Charter Schools   (INCS) 1,088,785
Legal Prep Charter Academy 220,000
Orange School 30,000
Stand for Children Leadership Center 374,608
UNO Charter School Network 750,000
Total $3,023,393


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  • Headache 299
    3 million for Chicago.
    Guess they have plans to open a few stores; they’ll save more than 3 million with the army of non-union labor that Rahm is currently building; and with the Supreme Court on their side in last years’ ‘class’ action discrimination case, they can rehire the unemployed female teachers for half the cost of the illegal immigrants they employed in 2008

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