"Tier" System Designer On WBEZ

Slow news day, I have to admit, though there's lots bubbling below the surface.  See below for stories about food vendor ethics, school closing lawsuits, public bargaining pressure from Republicans in Colorado, etc.  Tune in to WBEZ at 9 for an expanded version of last week's story about selective enrollment with a call-in from the person who designed the tier system.

WBEZ story to run again Tuesday CPS Obsessed: One of the guests will be Richard Kahlenberg who CPs consulted on the Tier system.  This guy has written a bunch of books that I would love to read the Cliff Notes version of.

CPS investigates employee ethics allegation WGN: The inspector general for Chicago Public Schools is looking into allegations that the district's largest food vendor gave thousands of dollars to a high-ranking CPS employee, which would be a violation of the district's ethics policy.

Legal Challenge Continues Over CPS School Actions Progress Illinois: A Cook County judge Friday threw out a lawsuit by a group of Local School Council members regarding school actions by the Chicago Public Schools. But the narrow ruling invites further legal challenge.

Bargaining in Public? In These Times: More transparency would let the public see for themselves in the case of disputed stories, like Lewis' recent contention that Emanuel said one quarter of Chicago public schools students will never amount to anything—which Emanuel denies.

Situation involving suspicious package in Pilsen "resolved" WGN: Officials from Benito Jurez High School, 2150 S. Laflin St., ordered the school on lockdown as a precaution as investigators deal with the incident, according to a Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman.

Break-In Discovered at Leif Ericson Elementary MyFox Chicago: Chicago Public Schools spokesman Frank Shuftan confirmed the break-in but could not confirm whether any items were taken. He said an investigation is underway. Area North detectives are investigating the break in.

New CPS Security Chief to Gain Trust, Involve Community to Keep Students Safe MyFox Chicago: In her first interview since taking over this area for Chicago Public Schools, the new Chief of Security spoke about how she's about a whole new way of keeping students safe. Metal detectors, pat-downs and backpack searches.

Hip-Hop's Next Big Thing is On House Arrest at His Grandma's: Meet Chief Keef
Gawker: And the CPS's [Chicago Public Schools], once you've got those, they spread around throughout the communities. Each person from that school might be from a different area.

Police Probe Break-In At East Garfield Park School CBS Local: Police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli said file cabinets and drawers were opened and turned over in the two offices. Mirabelli said it is not clear if the school was broken into on Monday or during the weekend.

On Vouchers and Charters in Illinois Schools Tech Connect: I saw a mailing today here in the 14th Legislative District of the great state of Illinois. It pointed out that one of the candidates in the Democratic primary, Paula Basta, has a pro-voucher position, although a confused one at that.


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  • Funny CPS can pay $175,000 to someone to run roughshod over parents with intelligent questions but couldn't afford to give the teachers their raise? Cheatham was really made to look the fool and truly deserved it for trying to give such poor answers!

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