School Closings Lawsuit Junked

Not much big news so far today -- followup on the parent meeting on longer school day, plus the judge's decision that LSCs can't stop the closings and a few other things.  Check the previous post for some weekend stories and "recent comments" for what folks want to talk about:

CPS worker ethics probed Tribune: The inspector general for Chicago Public Schools is investigating allegations that the district's largest food vendor gave thousands of dollars in gifts to a high-ranking CPS employee, a possible violation of the district's ethics policy..

Parents question why all Chicago Public Schools must go to 7.5-hour day Sun Times: The battle over a 7.5-hour school day kicked up a notch last week, as a group of 19th Ward parents asked Chicago Public Schools to survey all parents at the next report card pickup about how long the school day at their school should be.

Judge throws out suit seeking to stop school closings Sun Times: A Cook County judge has tossed out a lawsuit that sought to block the Chicago Public Schools from closing 17 schools but welcomed the activists behind it to try again.

Judge's 'dry, cold' decision says lawsuit will not block school closings Tribune: A lawsuit filed by local school councils can’t block a Chicago Public Schools plan to close or revamp operations at 17 low-achieving schools, a Cook County judge ruled Friday.

Editorial: Suspending black CPS students is no solution Sun Times: Watch a video of a Chicago Public Schools freshman talking about her experiences with CPS' student discipline code. Davisha Junius, who is involved with Voices of Youth in Chicago Education, has been kicked out of three schools.


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  • HB4487: School Code-Chicago-Closure Moratorium has been stuck in the Rules Committee since 1-31-12. SB3239: School Code-Chicago-Closure Moratorium has been stuck in the Education Committee since 3-7-12. Rule 2-10 Committee Deadline Established As March 30, 2012.

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