CTU vs. "Stand" Primary Showdown

The folks at CTU are calling out Stand For Children for giving a total in $70,000 in campaign donations to the young, good looking candidates running against Rudy Lozano (21st District) and Kenny Johnson (26th District) in the March 20 primary.  The Stand candidates are Silvana Tabares (D – 21) and Christian Mitchell (D - 26). See what I mean?  Question is whether Lozano and Johnson are any good, and of course how much CTU has given them. Campaign donations are not illegal yet, far as I know.  To see the full slate of 11 candidates Stand IL has endorsed thus far go here. To see the CTU Action alert, scroll down.


Stand for Children—the union busting organization that’s being bankrolled by billionaires claim they know what’s best for children in Chicago.

Last July, Stands National Director infamouslyboasted in a talk at the Aspen Institute, that hebought politicians in Illinois to get their bad-for-students, union busting legislation passed.

Stand for Children is also a strong supporter of the turn-around process that Chicago Public Schools uses to dismantle and destroy neighborhood schools, displacing our students and members.

Stand wants to make sure that CTU endorsed candidates Rudy Lozano (21st District) and Kenny Johnson (26th District) don’t win. They have endorsed their opponents and bankrolled their campaigns with a combined total of ­­­­­­­­­­­­$70,000.

You can help beat back Stand for Children by doing 3 things:

1.    Vote for Rudy and Kenny

2.    Tell your friends and family to vote for Rudy and Kenny

3.    Volunteer this weekend and Election Day to help us Get Out The Vote

To Volunteer for Rudy

Please help Get Out The Vote this weekend. We need you to volunteer for Rudy's campaign and canvass Saturday or Sunday after 12 noon and on Election Day—Tuesday March 20, 2012 5:30-6:00 p.m. We would like you to report to 4425 South Harlem Avenue, Stickney, Illinois (walk to the entrance in the back of the building to inquire about your assignment).

To Volunteer for Kenny

Please help Get Out The Vote this weekend. We need you to canvass Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and on Election Day—Tuesday March 20, 2012 5:30-6:00 p.m. Meet at Kenny’s office 1011 East 43rd St. Chicago, Illinois.

In Solidarity,

Stacy Davis Gates
CTU Political Director




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  • Alexander did you write all or part of this? Your byline at the top, the closing by Ms. Gates, is confusing.

  • the first half is mine, then after the break it's all CTU

    meanwhile, stand tells me that there's lots of overlap with CTU and IEA and IFT on other candidates Ken Dunkin, Kirk Dillard, Adam Brown, Dunkin, Sam McCann, and Michael Noland.

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    In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Alex: The problem is not political contributions. The problem is near infinite contributions by a couple of extremely wealthy people from outside the district so they can set policy for "other people's" kids.

    That's nothing like a union which is a democratic grouping of 21000 individuals donating $24/year to be used in campaigns.

  • In reply to Xian Barrett:

    i'm not sure how democratic CTU feels to most rank and file CTU members, xian, and still haven't gotten a response from HQ as to how much the union has given to these two candidates.

    most of all, the ctu email was written as if stand had done something wrong, as opposed to something ctu disagrees with.

    giving money to candidates is legal. rich donors give to pr-union candidats as well as to reformy ones. there's no residency requirement. for all we know lozano and johnson have received a lot more from CTU and its allies than the stand folks have given / gotten.

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    In reply to Alexander Russo:

    So you are against democracy if it doesn't feel democratic to its participants? That's a recommendation for reform, not for oligarchy in my opinion.

    What Stand has done in Illinois is legal in the sense that it abides by the bought laws of the land that favor money over people in electoral speech.

    It's not really moral in any sense of the word. The widespread, intentional disenfranchisement of parents, educators, and students in favor of corporate reforms that have no basis in science, but sure are profitable is abhorrent, and will deeply help the children of the donors, who stand to inherit the fortunes to be made on these policies, but hurt the children of everyone else.

  • In reply to Xian Barrett:

    Corporate Reform - Very simple formula - a bag of chips is pumped full of air - the consumer thinks that the bag has more chips than it actually does and pays more than the product is worth – only here, the schools are the bags and the chips are what the kids get…I can’t believe that every adult in America hasn’t figured this out yet!

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Russo, have some cajones and tell us that you either agree or disagree with the Board proposal.

    The Board Wants:
    Draconian Policies & Benefits Cuts
    • A five-year contract with only a 2% raise guaranteed
    • No more raises unless we agree to testing- based Merit pay
    • A longer school day and year, but a DECREASE in prep time and professional development and no additional resources
    • An End to Accumulated Sick Days
    • Increased health care costs
    • No job security—tenured teachers who are laid off from closing schools get no rehire rights and arbitrary evaluation systems, which makes it easier to fire even the best of teachers.

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    Most people in the private sector are paying more for their company provided health care. Costs have risen tremendously.
    If the easier students continue to move to charters, it's hard to see how a CTU teacher is going to get a merit raise based on testing.

  • In reply to Donn:

    The private sector is not a monolith. Some take of their workers and others don't give a hoot. All the more reason for workers in the "private" sector to unionize. Mostly likely the reason a business is cutting benefits is because of bad leadership... kind of like CPS Brizard and team. You can't alibi incompetent leadership that does not use educational research to implement policy.

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    That’s one good reason to abandon merit pay – no equal playing field – and it’s been tested over and over with teachers, students, and principals, from the
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology study on incentives that resulted in lower performance to the Vanderbilt study on merit pay – it just never works…so why are they introducing it? – you can’t help but be pretty cynical when CPS attempts or succeeds to mandate strategies with a proven track-record of failure.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Rahm is transparent in not following any educational research on what works. His surrogates try to convince the public with empty "slogans".
    The real sad fact is that NO ONE, being Brizard and his administrative leaders have not walked the walke in terms of systematically rolling out a real school reform. They can't! That is why thy they go through the motions and pass on schools to AUSL and other charter organizations over the years. That is the status quo! Name one educational policy initiative that has been successful in CPS under Mayor Control. Remember, the buck stops at the top!

  • Rudy Lozano is the better candidate. He has deep roots in the community and cares. Somebody has been floating lies about Rudy protecting gangbangers. The picture is actully of Rudy at his brother's wedding, flashing a peace symbol, not a gang sign. The

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    Rudy Lozano jr is the better candidate period. He has a long history in the community, has worked with youth, immigrants rights organizations, community jobs programs, etc. Why has Stand on Children chosen to endorse a candidate with no previous experience or clear community ties? I'm sure she is a smart, sincere woman who cares about the community. But with no record of service or proven experience in the community doing anything to make a change I find it hard to believe that Stand compared their records and made a choice for the better candidate. Why target these two races? Because, at least in Lozano's case, there is a candidate who stands up to the machine, has shown a history of support for independent politics in Chicago, and believes that parents students and community members should have a voice. And by voice I'm not talking about a phony parents organization with deep pockets and corporate money - I'm talking grassroots parents and community organizations.

    Rudy knows the community, he has experience working with youth in our neighborhoods and schools and deserved the endorsement support of not only the teachers union but every major labor organization and community group in the district. Stand for Children and UNO don't want him elected because it threatens all the charter expansions and sweetheart contracts and patronage deals they can look forward to with a machine supported candidate!

  • In reply to Jessica Marshall:

    As opposed to the control and patronage deals of the CTU? I don't think you will find many people unconnected with the CTU who will agree that you're standing alone on moral high ground.

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    In reply to Donn:

    Could you explain in this current political climate what exactly CTU controls in terms of contracts for schools, jobs, lucrative deals to "provide services" to the city? I find it funny that given the situation the teachers union (and most public sector unions in this country) finds itself in where the media and politicians from both sides of the aisles have decided that the entire blame of an education system that cannot on its own effectively end the negative impacts of poverty, somehow

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jessica Marshall:

    rests on teachers shoulders. More specifically somehow teachers unions protect bad teachers who miseducate children and single-handedly cause them to end up years behind where they should be. Yet you argue the all powerful teachers union somehow wields power and influence to control contracts? Enough in fact to match Stand on Children UNO and the rest of the so-called reformers? I guess I should be feeling more optimistic then? As I see it the real power the CTU and its allies have are the tens of thousands of teachers, students and parents who recognize all of the bluster of Brizzard, Edelman, Rangel, Rhee, and Duncan as smoke and mirrors devoid of any real understanding of what teaching and learning really looks like and how to make our schools serve our children better! At least Lozano has been in a classroom and seen what it takes to help our kids make real gains as critical thinkers, engaged learners, and active citizens in our democracy.

  • In reply to Jessica Marshall:

    Wow! Jessica!... That’s a whole lot of teacher hating you got in there. Are you one of those ‘paid’ blogger-protesters, or do you binge-drink for free?

  • In reply to Jessica Marshall:


    Correction, Jessica, I was responding to another post…got your name in there by accident.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Hmmm, the Democratic Machine controlled patronage in the city, as far back as I can remember...

    Here is a history less from Mike Royko RIP,

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    In reply to district299reader:

    Yep! And the machine supports Lozano's opponent

  • You might not have seen this clip on the local
    Rahm gets a roasting video –


  • In reply to district299reader:

    I'm sure the missile appreciates the protest as effective political theater. He's probably considering replacing Jamika Rose with that woman.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Speaking of Jamika “can’t explain the merits of 7.5 hour school day” Rose


    And I must have overlooked this last week on Ms. Dr. Cheatham at Morgan Park High School


  • Please tell me this isn't the same Kenny Johnson who doesn't pay his taxes.

    Why would any organization endorse such a candidate?

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    Now there's a proper old school Chicago political attack.
    Enough of this 1% er crap.

    Did I see Rudy Lozano Jr. at a Cubs game?

  • Let's just go on strike and get it over with!

  • this mark brown column makes it sound like lozano's opponent is being pushed as punishment for challenging mike madigan -- and notes that she's getting lots of UNO money, too.

    Lozano Jr. vs. Tabares campaign one to watch on Southwest Side - Chicago Sun-Times http://ow.ly/9KpZO

    via @mikeklonsky

  • Looks like both Stand For Children candidates won in very close races.

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