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This New York Times story makes a big deal out of CPS's decision to allow access to You Tube (and YouTube's creation of a clean version of the site for educators and kids) but I'm wondering if it's made a real difference to anyone so far in real life -- at your school, in your classroom, for your kids?  I'm sure it's nice being able to log onto the site without the alarms going off (though I'm guessing that still happens, too) but you be the judge -- are you and your kids any better off now than before, making massive use of Khan Academy math lessons or anything else? Meanwhile, there's another video based coming along, called the Teacher Channel, which is a teacher-to-teacher lesson-sharing channel being championed by the Gates Foundation, among others.  Would you use something like this?  Are you already?


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  • Has anyone heard about the 2012-2013 CPS calendar? Also, Rumor has it they are dropping Track E and putting all schools on a "Hybrid" track? any details you can find out for us??

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    i understand we will all be on a hybrid track E come september 2013 and beyond. no details of the schedule. it will not be for the coming school year as i understand but the following.

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    there is also a big all principal meeting later this week where some big announcement(s) will be made. anyone know what the announcement will be?

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    Did anyone downtown think to ask for parental input on the school schedule?

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    During the last decade CPS has not approved a next-year calendar before its April Board meeting (and one year, it wasn't until May).

    At last week's CTU Tele-Town Hall phone conference, CTU President Karen Lewis said that she, too, has heard all kinds of rumors, but that the Board has not given any official word to the Union yet on what changes, if any, may happen with the school calendar.

    It is part of CPS' inherent managerial right to set the school calendar.

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    That's odd that Lewis said that when her union reps are telling people that the school year will go until the very end of June in school year 2012-13. (and that Lincoln's b-day and Pulaski will no longer be given as holidays and virtually all PD days are gone too) No joke, this is what one of the big-wigs told us last week.

  • Having youtube as a resource is really useful. You can use it for clips of commercials, film, speeches, so on - all to illustrate ideas about rhetoric, audience, literary devices. In the past it has been very frustrating not to have access.

  • Showed a clip on Chernobyl today. I know this goes w/o saying, but watch first alone whatever you display. Don't just have a teachable moment and go to youtube. Can't say I like the constant password pop ups on non relevant websites.

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    Thank you for pointing out the constant password popups! It is driving me nuts. The popups happen all day on all websites - even ones that have never been blocked. Tried projecting an article from the Tribune today and had to enter the password over and over again.

  • The new "YouTube" policy hasn't affected me. I'm now quite used to downloading videos, converting them to Windows Media Player format, and saving to my USB drive.

    It's not as if I'm going to show a video on impulse--especially one I haven't previewed. Contrary to what education critics might say, most of us teachers actually plan ahead what we're going to do in class.

    Still, it's a step in the right direction, and I applaud the policy change.

  • Just hit cancel on the pop up you don't need to type in it unless you use the tube

  • The popup happens if there is a facebook "like" or something like that on a page that may have nothing to do with the content you are looking for. You might want to try a browser plugin like ghostery. I haven't tried it because I rarely have the popup problem, but it seems like it should work.

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