Bribes? Maybe - But No "Pink Slime"

A food vendor may have given a CPS official unethical gifts to win contracts, according to the Tribune, but CPS lunchrooms don't serve "pink slime" (beef trimmings) according to Medill.  Meanwhile, city and state lawmakers are at work on CPS issues like pensions, discipline reform, and school closings. And Catalyst reports that there are a bunch of steps that CTU and CPS have to take before it's time for a strike (mentioned as a serious possibility in Jonathan Alter's profile of the Emanuel administration in the previous post).  Last but not least, there's an interesting connection between the connected firm that might get the speed camera contract and the paid protesters at some of the CPS closing hearings earlier this winter.


School lunch vendor accused of giving CPS official lucrative gifts Tribune: District food vendor allegedly gave gifts worth thousands of dollars to high-ranking employee

CPS pink-slime free, says school official Medill Reports: Chicago
by Malena Caruso Pink slime is the hot-button issue making headlines as more people are aware of its presence in school lunches. But not in Chicago's school lunches. They are “pink slime” free, according to a Chicago Public School official.


CPS pressed on discipline reform CMW: The High Hopes Campaign will hold a press conference in the main entrance hall of City Hall at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, March 14.  Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. (27th) will discuss a resolution he will introduce Wednesday’s council meeting, and students and parents who are implementing restorative justice in Chicago schools will describe their experiences.

Quinn eyes cuts to retired IL teacher benefits to save money Statehouse News: Retired teachers and community college employees could face higher health-care premiums as Gov. Pat Quinn pushes for Illinois to stop its contributions — a taxpayer savings of about $90 million a year.

State lawmakers push bill to stop Chicago school closings Chicago Talks: There was no final vote at the hearing. However, CPS did not have enough votes to “kill the bill” and the committee could take up the bill again as soon as next week.


For the Record: Teacher contract Catalyst: CTU spokeswoman Stephanie Gadlin says the union may call for fact-finding sometime during April if mediation does not resolve the dispute, but that it’s too soon to know if that will happen. CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll says she can’t comment on when CPS might call for fact-finders.

Emanuel says connected firm will have to bid for speed camera deal Chicago Tribune: Goldner has coordinated with Chicago ministers who have delivered busloads of witnesses to testify at public hearings in favor of the mayor's push for a longer school day in Chicago Public Schools.


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  • About longer school day, posted on

    590. anonymous | March 14, 2012 at 9:41 am

    More nasty stuff from Stand for Children in Chicago

    Chicago Public Schools and Stand for Children staffers sharing a car? How cozy… (read about it below).

    I didn’t name him, but the same Stand for Children creep I wrote about last month has been skulking around other Chicago parent group meetings, and some believe he and SFC should be exposed for the tactics they are using. I was asked to post this signed message which was originally posted on the Facebook page for the Grimes-Fleming (School) Child Advocates:

    On Friday, 3/9/2012, our organization, Grimes-Fleming Child Advocates had an informational meeting at Lawler Park in the Midway area. Our guest speakers were Christine McGovern and Maureen Cullnan of 19th Ward Parents, we invited our alderman Marty Quinn who was unable to attend, but sent a representative. CPS was contacted several times for two weeks prior and had confirmed two days before and as recently as 4:00pm, but did not show up. Interestingly, they had pressed to find out numbers in attendance. A CPS F.A.C.E. (Family And Community Engagement) representative did show up.

    Our meeting went great, 19th Ward Parents came with facts that are backed up with studies. The only distraction was that an uninvited person named Juan Jose Gonzalez from Stand For Children came and stood in the back telling our Spanish speaking parents in Spanish that what 19th Ward parents were stating were “lies”, “don’t believe them”, “that’s not true, they don’t know”. He attempted to create confusion and at one point at the end, he did manage to cause distraction when somehow he deferred our Spanish speaking parents to address questions to the F.A.C.E. rep, Ms. Teresa Meza. I was unaware that he was also asking parents for their phone numbers and stated only CPS knows the facts and made a comment to a parent that now caucasians want to talk to them. I am furious!

    (Read more)
    [posted at]

  • Why is Stand for Children "nasty"? And what are their tactics?

  • Is pink slime really that bad? | WBEZ

  • Headache 299
    A quote regarding Adam Anderson, CPS portfolio officer, from
    State lawmakers push bill to stop Chicago school closings, at

    “Senators questioned Adam Anderson, the CPS portfolio officer, about what CPS has done and what CPS invested in struggling schools kept on academic probation. Anderson said he could not produce any specifics.”

    It would be nice if it was okay for the people to not produce any specifics!

    Let a displaced teacher reapply for a position, and when asked, “How do you handle classroom management?” reply, “I cannot produce any specifics”

    Or, “How long should a teacher present a whole-group lesson before providing guided practice?” reply, “I cannot produce any specifics”

    “How would you approach a fight that breaks out in your classroom?”
    “I cannot produce any specifics”

    “What university did you attend?” “I cannot produce any specifics”

  • Reminds me of a hot dog without the casing. Why, the pink slime is sausage! Nitrites in sausage to prevent botulism. Suppose the ammonia gas serves the same purpose, but is volatile at least.

  • Rahm, Brizard both want school food chief fired @joelhood Tribune

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    IS this why these school meals taste so bad?! Esaian sure does not have to eat them!
    CPS is making schools go to warming kitchens for even worse food, becasue of no MONEY-Why isn't Chartwells and Preferred responsible for giving her these gifts and taking away form the students?! What you get for hiring people from 'the industry' instead of expereinced, trained and honest CPS food service people.
    "Sullivan's report chronicled dozens of instances where it said Esaian met with officials from either Chartwells or Preferred for dinners and drinks."

  • Rahm also ignores the OIG with his hire of CPS' Crawley!

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