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  • Interesting that there's been no mention of the new vacation policy for non-union members which will impact every principal, AP and central office employee.

  • "Will CPS steal $30 million from principals and assistant principals? Brizard announces attack on right of school workers to accumulate sick days, continues Big Lie about $400 million 'savings' from last summer, while refusing to hold press conferences where he has to actually answer factual question - George N. Schmidt - February 15, 2012"


  • What is CPAA President Clarice Berry's stand on the new vacation/sick day policy? We need new leadership and representation from CPAA. I along with other administrators want change now! If she won't take a stand then we must. Let's flood the CPS Board Meeting and reveal the truth about failed policies such as- school closings, the full school day, common core testing, LSC, principal eligibility, special education violations, bilingual incompetence, racial discrimination, fiscal mismanagement, and much more. Lastly, I am calling for Clarice's resignation. Anyone else feel the same way?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Dear district299reader, CPAA President Clarice Berry will be speaking against the new vacation/sick day policy at the next board meeting. I told her when the new policy was released.

  • Speak against, that's easy enough. What's she actually going to DO about the proposed policy?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Dear district299reader, good question. We shall see after Wednesday.

  • High levels of frustration are being expressed by CPS administrators towards CPAA President Clarice Berry. CPAA brothers and sisters unite. Is it enough for Clarice to speak at the CPS Board Meeting? Will anyone be there with her? Will others speak to? What does she hope to accomplish in 2 minutes. Nothing but talk. We sit by and watch principal eligibility taken away, assistant principals have to continue go through the eligibility process, new principal competencies being rolled out, furlough days, loss of vacation days, loss of sick days, no pay increases, and no support from CPS. No one respects our hard work and efforts. I think CPAA members should call for a vote of no confidence. Time for new leadship. It's time for someone to stand for our rights and get our message out to the public. Anyone interested?

  • The accommodationist policy is over. UPC members you know! You either stand up to the Rahm/Brizard/ChicagoCivicCommittee NO Research based policies or fall over. I contend that network chiefs and principals should embrace the CTU brief The Schools Chicago's Students Deserve. No joke. What CTU is asking is just to meet the basics of a more just workplace and learning environment for our children.

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