Watch The Board Mtg (If You Dare)

Click play to watch. Over the weekend CPS posted video of last week's Board meeting(part 2 here, part 3 here).  Looks like they've been doing this since at least November -- I'd heard this long-promised was coming but hadn't realized that it was already available.  Let us know if you notice anything interesting or untoward.


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  • PS i found the video via katie's ramblings, a chicago teacher blog:

  • Dear Alex, CPS has been showing the Chicago Board of Education meetings for years and years, If you have Comcast, you can view the last Board of Education meeting every Saturday from 12 pm until the end of the Board meeting on channel 21.

  • thanks RP -- but isn't this better since you don't have to watch at any particular time? it's less convenient than TV to watch on a computer, but more flexible for folks who have things to do on saturdays, for example. plus which, it's archived so you can watch past events.

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Dear Alex, will you start doing this every month? If so, then that is great.

  • CPS has started posting the CPS Board Meetings on their website under "Presentation to the Board of Education" on the main screen at It does not post immediately but will eventually post.

  • I totally agree, Alex. Thanks so much for posting this and hope you will be able to continue doing so.

  • Did the CPS website get translated into Spanish and Polish yet, as Emanuel promised in his recent tele-town-hall meeting?

  • Did anyone say the word "children" ? Did anyone speak for the "children"?
    Mr. Brizard said at a church this Sunday that everyone was talking about their jobs / schools, but no one talked about the children. Seems to me a little video replay might be needed - he was probably on his IPhone ?

  • Adourthus McDowell: My question is for Dr. Mahalia Hines…Dr. Hines, you’ve heard and you’ve seen, and you have received, the Bronzeville Plan, the Bronzeville Global Achievers Plan. You may have already met with representatives from the community. The question on the table, Dr. Hines, is do you have any concerns about that plan?

    Dr. Mahalia Hines: I expressed my concerns about the plans

    Adourthus McDowell: I can’t hear you, could you speak into the mic

    Dr. Mahalia Hines: I said, um, that in the ‘numerous’ meetings that I went to, um, I expressed my concerns…

    Adourthus McDowell: How many meetings were there?

    Dr. Mahalia Hines: uh, two, and one on the phone – yes, two and one make three!

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