"The Interrupters" On Colbert

By now you've probably already seen or heard about The Interrupters, the documentary about gang violence in Englewood, which aired on PBS Frontline earlier this week, but perhaps you missed this recent Colbert Report segment featuring one of the "interrupters" going up against Stephen Colbert.

You can also see the documentary here.


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  • Students at Hancock High School, a CPS neighborhood high school, are providing a different type of interruption with their own commentaries. Please check out a new Chicago Now blog titled Whatchoo Got to Say? The first post is about cheating in school.


  • in general, this ‘documentary’ makes black people look really stupid

  • though well intentioned, it comes off like negative stereotyping

  • In reply to district299reader:

    How so? I likely have blindspots and missed that. People didn't seem stupid or stereotyped to me.

  • If you were to listen to Arne Duncan, Emanuel, Brizard, or Donoso, you’d think it was Chicago teachers who are responsible for all the Englewood violence – come to think of it, the promoted policies of Duncan, Emanuel, Brizard and Donoso actually do have a researched, documented and historical track-record of at least exacerbating community violence.

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