Tech Companies To The Rescue?

The announcement that 5 CPS high schools are going to partner with various tech companies dominates today's news coverage, but I'm not sure what the big fuss is all about.  We've seen school-tech company partnerships before, many times, and I'm not sure that many of them have turned into resounding long term successes.  This much coverage should include some hard questions about how these new partnerships are different from previous ones & how previous examples have fared, don't you think?  Simply announcing the announcement isn't enough for me.

Tech companies partner with Chicago high schools WBEZ: Five Chicago Public High Schools are partnering with technology companies to offer career training in addition to a traditional high school diploma. Students at those schools will also have the chance to take college credit courses through the City Colleges of Chicago.

Chicago establishing technology-focused schools Tribune: Chicago Public Schools, the City of Colleges of Chicago and five technology giants are joining to open six-year high schools that will offer students who graduate an associate degree and the knowledge needed to qualify for technology jobs.

Tech companies welcome plan to open six-year high schools Sun Times: Local tech companies welcomed the city’s plan to create six-year high schools that would award students associate degrees in tech fields when they graduate.

Talk to Chicago Board of Education Vice President Jesse Ruiz on the next 'Schools on the Line' WBEZ: Brizard isn’t able to join us this Thursday due to a scheduling conflict, but not to worry: Chicago Board of Education Vice President Jesse Ruiz will be here to talk with you and take your calls.

Emanuel: School ‘Turnarounds’ Lead To Better Academic Performance CBS: Mayor Rahm Emanuel says state education officials are proving his point about "turning around" some poorly performing Chicago Public schools.

Child-parent centers to expand Catalyst:  The money will fund five new child-parent centers in Chicago, four in Evanston/Skokie District 65, and a total of 14 new locations in Normal School District 5, Milwaukee Public Schools, St. Paul (Minn.) Public Schools, and two other Minnesota districts.

North Side students face tougher admission to selective Chicago high schools Daily Northwestern:  Weinberg junior Lauren Cantacessi, who attended Walter Payton, said that in her residential area of Portage Park, it is extremely uncommon to attend selective enrollment high schools or highly selective colleges. Cantacessi said despite her neighborhood falling in Tier 4, inequality still pervades it.

Emergency Plan, Annual Police Consult Required in Every Illinois School Fox: Every school in Illinois is required by law to be prepared for a situation like this. Every school also has to conduct at least one lock down drill a year.



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  • Are the students guaranteed jobs? We are subsidizing private companies job training programs? Looks like corporate welfare to me. It figures Emanuel would support it.

  • I didn't know that the Randolph and Michigan Avenue neighborhood needed a school (from Chicago Journal): Last Thursday, in a conference room tucked behind the lobby floor of the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Chicago, Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) spoke before a group of about 80 of his constituents to discuss the pressing issues of his ward.

    The address — given as part of a meeting of the neighborhood group New Eastside Association of Residents — touched on everything from the city’s pedestrian projects to Reilly’s continued efforts to build a school in the area. ...

  • In reply to district299reader:

    There are lots of new residents (with kids) in Streeterville and the New East Side. It would be great for CPS to have a high-profile elementary school downtown.

  • What is/are the neighborhood high school/s for residents of Streeterville and the New East Side?

  • Wells High School, Augusta and Ashland is the high school for downtown residents. Lincoln Park did include Cabrini Green so it might be the neighborhood high school for Streeterville. If you live in the south loop it is Phillips. I know there is a plan to include a neighborhood school at ones. Don't know if that started yet.

  • Jones

  • Jones if you are smart enough and lucky enough to get in. Wells & Phillips? Wow. Can't imagine the residents of that Grant Park area sending their middle-class kids there.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    The area elementary school is Ogden. The Ogden parents requested Ogden start the high school to have an option to Welles. So as long as you send your kids to Ogden Elementary, you can go to Ogden High school instead of Welles. If you don't go to Ogden elementary, you have to test in to the high school.
    The area does need another elementary school as Ogden is overcrowded and still busing kids around. The developer set aside land and gave money to CPS for the school years ago.

  • STEM Announcement a ‘Tipping Point’ for Lake View High School | The Center Square Journal via @sethlavin

    ALSO: "Lot of really good stuff in here. Lots of money and energy coming from private sources. Schools are well-distributed across the city—Ameya Pawar’s been particularly excited to announce that Lake View High School is now one of the new STEM schools. (“A ‘tipping point’ for Lake View”) Of course there’s reason to be cautious. This is all based on an IBM-led program in NYC where one model 6-year high school opened this past fall. That means there’s no results data yet to show this model works. Is it a good idea to build 5 of something that isn’t proven yet? How does that synch with the data-driven decision-making advertised by the current leadership? And how do we make sure this doesn’t turn into a giant mess like Austin Polytech? (Don’t forget Austin Polytech! Conceived in 2005… “mission is to redefine vocational education in Chicago and beyond, and revive the city’s manufacturing industry by educating the next generation of advanced manufacturers—part engineer and part machinist.” <- quote from a great 2010 CNC series on the “troubled” school.)"

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