States Bring Back "Social Promotion" Bans

A few weeks ago former Tribune reporter Stephanie Banchero had a Wall Street Journal story out about a handful of states returning to the idea of making schools hold kids back if they can't read by the end of 3rd grade (Bills Prod Schools to Hold Back Third-Graders). The story notes that Chicago's ban on social promotion didn't have the impact it was hoped to have on retained students and has been substantially relaxed since the Vallas days.  (As I recall, some parents and teachers liked the "ban" on social promotion, however, because it helped motivate students.)  The practice has worked somewhat better in Florida, according to proponents, thanks to stronger remediation programs.  Laws have already passed in Oklahoma, Arizona and Indiana, and versions have recently been proposed in Colorado and in Iowa.



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  • social Promotions.

    When you were a division teacher in high school your class
    presented you with their program early on the first day.
    Then you signed the program and placed the letter E in the first
    box.At that moment the kid was officially enrolled.They were also considered in membership for attendance purposes.
    Every month we filled out a monthly summary by counting
    the days of membership and subtracting the days of absence
    to get to the days of attendance.If you made a mistake the programmer
    corrected it and put a big red mark on your summary.
    one month mine was tagged .I argued for an hour to no avail
    it stayed.The programmer was a smug clouted person who claimed
    perfection was his goal.
    the next September a kid gave me her program and I marked the
    E in my book.she didn't return for four days.I called home
    and her father said she never graduated from 8th grade because
    she didn't pass one of Vallace's tests.
    I had the bastard because he issued the program.I wish I kept the note
    I sent him because it was a masterpiece of Board bullshit.
    How should I mark her? Transferred? A no show? For the first
    and last time he ventured from his bunker office and told me
    " She never Existed" I don't know what happened to the girl.

  • Headache299
    Speaking of social promotions and de-motions…a smart CPS move to put the muzzle on Brizard for this month’s installment of Schools on The Line…Jesse Ruiz articulated BS with a very cool scent of glade…his crap about crane and casals almost smelled good

  • I'm sure Mr. Brizard and Mayor Emanuel are already in Washington D.C. for their big education summit tomorrow, therefore he had to miss the monthly airing of Schools on the Line. Whether Brizard or Ruiz, it's all still the same talking points. Really, they should just make a recording of the same fifteen or twenty points.

    "We can't wait one more day..."
    "Our school day is the shortest in...."
    "College and career ready..."
    "We have had more community input..."
    "I've visited all affected schools on the list..."
    "The entire culture of the school..."
    "Schools will be free to design their own program within..."
    "We have heard the community..."
    "It's not about the adults..."
    "We are concerned about safety and security..."
    "Charters outperforming..."

    etc, etc

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