Snowy Friday After Board Meeting

Today's news is mostly about more reaction coverage to Wednesday's Board meeting. Emanuel quotes MLK.  Brizard says students won.  Curtis Black notes that not even Bronzeville got consideration for its Dyett plans. Zorn defends his "open" contract negotiations idea.

Brizard on Turnarounds: Students Won Fox: The Chicago School Board voted Wednesday to close or turnaround more than a dozen schools. Parents and the Chicago Teachers Union have slammed the decision, saying the distribution of resources in CPS amounts to “apartheid.”

Parents, teachers angry at CPS turnaround vote ABC7: Parents, students and activists protested but could not stop the Chicago Public Schools board from approving a controversial plan to close some schools and turn around others.

Rahm Emanuel: Protests over school closings ‘noise associated with change’ Sun Times:  Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Thursday he’s sensitive to the “noise associated with change” caused by the decision to close or turn around 17 underperforming schools, but he said he’s more concerned about the deafening “silence of failure.”

‘Change is hard’ CMW (Curtis): Brizard never had the decency to mention that the schools they were talking about were on the chopping block.

Change of Subject: On tactics Eric Zorn:  We don't have to follow every idea we embrace to its absurd extreme; because exploring and debating where the reasonable limits should be is part of productive and enlightening discourse.

Loud Schools Debate Misses Mark CNC (Warren):  This isn’t really Little Rock, 1957, even if the South and West Sides have long been victimized by inequities in city services and even if Mr. Jackson touched on the underlying challenge by exhibiting a firm grasp of the obvious that others often miss.

State House: Chicago cop vs. lawyer who's son of Dem committeeman Sun Times:  That position has gained Martwick endorsements from the Chicago Teachers Union, the Illinois Federation of Teachers and the Fraternal Order of Police. Some police officers have criticized the FOP for failing to endorse Stoppa, a fellow cop.

When and Where Will Richard Milburn H.S. Move CCOC: The Chatham community is waiting on CPS to drop the bomb on Richard Milburn H.S. This alternative high school was and is still not welcome in the community and the calls for it to move have not stopped.


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  • Chief Administrative Officer Tim Cawley is the main negotiator for CPS, following the orders of Mayor Emanuel in contract negotiations with the CTU. Tim wants all CTU members to work a longer school day, 7 hours and 40 minutes with no extra pay. Tim wants all CTU members to pay more into their pensions and more for their health care cost. Tim wants merit pay for all CTU members. Tim wants to hold all CTU more accountable in a new evaluation process designed by Mayor Emanuel. Tim wants to steamline the CTU contract from over 300 pages to 30 pages. Tim wants to destroy all CTU members and the union.

  • Well if one looks at SB7 and understands that work rules make up most of the existing CTU contract it is not surprising CPS could be proposing a contract with basically no work rules in it and it could be 30 pages long. SB7 makes all the work rules a permissive are of contract discussion, which means if CPS doesn't want to open the area they do not have to.

    It also means techincally that the CTU can't legally go on strike over these permissive areas or the failure of the CPS to open these areas up for discussion. Basically even if the 75% vote for a strike could be achieved it would have to be related to money issues as things stand now in relation to this law.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Dear Rod, I agree.

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Lest we forget SB7 begins July 1 2012.We are under the present contract untill then.I am sure the powere to be would block any strike we called.Especially during the G8 and nato summits but we could try to go out if we have the will.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Dear rbusch, we are talking about after June 30, 2012.

  • Al Raby Coach Stabbed Trying to Stop Fight By Teenage Girl | NBC Chicago

  • @sethlavin tries to put this year's closings in context:

    " This is just year one of school actions. Upending these 17 schools means a lot for one set of families and teachers but very little for the district overall.

    This first year is only a small part of the master Rahm/Brizard portfolio realignment plan. Don’t forget the portfolio presentation Oliver Sicat gave in October.

    Sicat’s portfolio mission is to get every student in Chicago in a high-performing school. For kids currently in low-performing schools that means their school is either a) improved organically b) formally made a turnaround c) closed.

    Back in November Sarah Karp ran the numbers and found ~140 schools fit Sicat’s criteria for “low-performing,” meaning they were eligible for closing or turnaround.

    CPS pulled the closing punch this year because (if you believe them) they didn’t want to close schools when there wasn’t a better alternative ready. Or (if you’re cynical) they didn’t want to risk political capital with a big start on closings. That means most of the planned closings/turnarounds are yet to come.

    It’s in the context of this multi-year campaign that you have to consider the impact of the past few months. Community pressure applied this year absolutely impacts Rahm’s appetite for a much bigger closing/turnaround push over the next decade.

    And, it teaches them that they have to do a better job of listening, adjusting and explaining. There’s already evidence they recognize their vulnerability here, like how they spent half that press release detailing the “unprecedented” number of community meetings held by CPS. Hopefully they’ll eventually learn that trust comes from quality of discussion, not quantity of meetings.

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Dear Alex, Oliver Sicat's portfolio mission is to close every neighborhood school and replace it with an AUSL school or charter school, per Mayor Emanual.

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    "This is just year one of school actions. Upending these 17 schools means a lot for one set of families and teachers but very little for the district overall."

    Actually, turnarounds and closures have been occurring in Chicago for about 15 years now. This is not year one. A significant percentage of schools are now privatized in Chicago. Many neighborhoods, mostly on the west and south sides, have no open enrollment schools available to them at all. That is a major problem.

  • Headache 299
    That’s sweet! What it taught them is what they knew all along…they don’t have to listen to anyone and they will do what they wish. They will take your school, take your teachers, your sick days, your personal business days, your health care, your tenure, you’re pension, your preps, your scheduled raised, your cost of living increases, your hours, your reputation, your due process, and anything else they chose to take…why? Because they have the money and means to (and I hate to get Chomsky on anybody) ‘manufacture consent’....many people still believe that Rahm, Cawley, Brizard, Vitale, Ruiz, Bienen, Hines, Pritzker, Sierra, Zopp, Sicat, Winckler, Koldyke (of WTTW board of directors fame) and a few other ‘usual suspects’ are merely doing what they ‘believe’ is best for the children…and as long as they can project that message (despite a mountain of contrary evidence) they can redistribute millions from the pockets of the needy into the hands of the connected.

    As for NWEA, the Northwest Evaluation Association is more of the same crap… listed as another ‘not-for-profit’ organization… so how many millions will they make?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    @ Headache 299 --- couldn't have said it better myself. Now when are we going to start strike talks? Come on teachers. We've got to show the strength we have in our number and we need to let the union know that we won't work without our scheduled raises, we won't work longer hours w/o teacher input AND teacher agreement and IF we agree to do this, we will be paid. It is time to stop taking all this crap without putting up a MAJOR protest.

  • In reply to CPSSUX:

    Headache 299
    There should be no question about it
    Teachers need to demonstrate a ‘show of force’ if for no other reason than to demonstrate ‘a show of force’

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Great Post.

    but you forgot to mention a few other freedoms we might lose
    because of the children: The right to bear arms, the right to drive
    26 mph past a school at 7:30 pm .The right to buy a Pepsi
    at school. The right to eat what we want .

    Children in this commune are anyone from age 6 to age 18 even
    Community college students are now considered children .In a
    World filled with Orwellian double talk big brother will take care of you
    As long as you do your part and vote right. How can anyone be against?
    Laws and official doctrine which protect children .Too bad around the age Of 21 the children become adults .Think of all the laws that could be passed if Only they never grew up.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Headache 299
    And the right to not be recorded from the second we leave our homes to the second we return.

    If we need any more surveillance cameras, the mayors office would be a good starting place…

  • Sarah reports: For the record: Closed schools mean more students for turnarounds / By: Sarah Karp / February 24, 2012 /

    "When Chicago Public Schools officials talked about closing Price ElementarySchool in Bronzeville and Guggenheim in Englewood, they stressed that students would transfer to better schools.

    "What they didn’t talk much about publicly was where future students living in the Price and Guggenheim attendance boundaries would go. In fact, most will be assigned to schools that are currently no better than Price and Guggenheim, but are slated to be turned around next year. In turnarounds, the district fires the current staff, including the principal, hires a new staff, and provides them with more resources..."

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