Overcrowded, Under-Enrolled, Or Both?*

Chicago Public Schools' enrollment keeps going down, but reports about overcrowding like this one from WTTW's Eddie Arruza suggest that at least in some places the problem remains a serious one.  How can CPS be both overcrowded and under-enrolled at the same time?  The obvious answer is that the kids and the schools aren't necessarily in the same neighborhoods.  Some neighborhoods are declining in terms of school age kids, while others are increasing.   Anyone at a low-enrollment school want to tell us what that's like?

*CORRECTION 02/24: Thanks to eagle-eyed readers among you, I've figured out that this isn't as new a segment as I thought it was when it appeared in my RSS reader.  In fact, it's quite old.  Sorry, I should have checked.  Apologies and thanks.



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  • Headache 299
    A Gage Park principal is fired for refusing to accept more students into an already overcrowded school; meanwhile, a Noble Street CEO is showered with praise by the mayor for imposing ‘fees’ for minor infractions and ‘transitioning’ 2/3 of the students body out before graduation.

    Exactly how many Venn ‘comparison/contrast’ Diagrams does a Chicago public need before learning this basic comprehension strategy?

  • Alex, this video is several years old. Arne Duncan was still the CPS CEO.

    (Of course, the classrooms are still crowded.)

  • Headache 299
    This video is very old – back when Blagojevich was governor – now he’s the mayor; he tried to sell a seat – now he sells, ‘quality seats’.

  • IL DFER head Rebeca Nieves-Huffman chides CTU for its "more teachers" plan for CPS - Chicago Sun-Times http://ow.ly/9icax

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  • Headache 299
    Uncle Brizard also refutes common sense…what else is new..

    Also not new
    Black male teachers becoming extinct? at


    At the elementary level, male teachers have been virtually extinct ( hovering roughly around 9-11%) for years! I’ve heard the phrase, ‘yesterday’s newspaper’, but this is ‘last month’, ‘last year’, ‘last decade’, ‘last century’

  • More on Michelle ‘tapes the lips of children shut’ Rhee


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