New Tiers Change SE Chances

CPS Obsessed has been tracking changes to the economic tiers used to help determine students' chances of getting into SE schools and the numbers of kids from each neighborhood school who get into various SE schools.  Well the new tiers are out, and according to CPSO if your school has moved from 2 to 3 your kid will likely have to score higher to get in.  Here's the list of those schools: Brooks +33, Jones +30, King +15, Lane +24, Lindblom +12, Northside +24, Payton +19, Westinghse +13, W Young +24.  See the full post for other changes.  Also from CPSO: SE High School Enrollment by Elementary School.  Very interesting stuff to see where elementary schools send kids and where SE high schools pull kids from.


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  • My community in UP town is now tier 3 and before was tier 2. This change is consistent with the increases in wealth in the community. Unfortunately there are still very poor children in some CHA sites scattered in the area who will have a big disadvantage placed on them. Shouldn't there be some type of exemption for those children?

    Rod Estvan

  • OK, if SES is so important from CPS' point of view that they had to overturn the consent decree, why not divvy up Chicago into haves and have-nots and change the formula to schools need to enroll at least 65% "low-SES." To be low-SES you'd need to income qualify (there are ways to do this if you're paid in cash, or don't have papers, and participation in certain benefit programs would automatically qualify). Otherwise you are in the 35% bucket. I'd need to see the numbers, but let's just say <=400% FPL gets you in the low-SES bucket. Other conditions could be a targeted factor for qualification into the bigger bucket -- ELL, EI, IEP, etc.

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