More On Last Week's "TechTalk"

It's not often that anyone on this site has much nice to say about anyone or anything and so it seemed worth finding out who it was who was the focus of last week's mini-flurry of comments started off with this anonymous remark:  "The hottie that leads the eLearing team is awesome. Tech Talk was the best thing CPS has eve done. We need more people like him pushing all os us forward."  I got the sense that the whole day was a big success.  Turns out that the hottie is none other than baby-faced John Connolly, head of Education Technology.  I'm still looking for video or at least a PowerPoint deck from his presentation.  Meantime, you can read a mini-bio of him here.  LinkedIn here. Twitter here.  The event website -- with a slew of presentations to check out -- is here. There should be video, but even if not how nice to to hear about something that CPS teachers thought was even moderately useful.


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  • Many of my colleagues have sent this to me and I must say I am humbled by the nice feedback (and will never live the babyface comment down - thanks alex). I wanted to clarify that TechTalk is a great event because of our all-star teachers and Ed tech team that present great topics. I did not present specifically so I cannot take credit for the nice comments. All of those go to the presenters, which I was also wowed by.

  • Kudos to the CPS Educational Tech folks. These folks have had to stand up to their fair share of bs from up high! Even after they have proved themselves, they had to reapply for their jobs early in the school year. You have to wonder about the clowns running CPS!

  • Yes, Ed Tech seems to be one of the only departments that has the good sense that god gave them!

  • video is apparently in the works for at least some of this - i'll post it as soon as i can.

  • here it is

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