Mayor Defends Noble Charters

Today's education news includes a proposed sick day crackdown, a mayoral defense of Noble charters (and a denial that he coordinated paid protesters), ongoing pension cost concerns, and a couple of other things.

CPS brass cracking down on big payouts for sick days Sun Times:  Chicago Public School officials hope to save tens of millions of dollars a year under a new sick-day policy that will be proposed next week and apparently will end excessive sick-day payouts.

CPS to propose change to accumulation of sick days Tribune: Chicago Public Schools officials say they plan to introduce a revised sick day policy to the school board next week to end the long-standing practice of allowing employees to accumulate unused sick days over multiple years, a practice that costs the...

Rahm Emanuel: Noble charter schools’ results speak for themselves Sun Times:  Emanuel said he is “interested in results” and the results produced by the Noble Street Charter Network are “incredible.” According to the mayor, Noble Street students graduate at a 90 percent rate, compared to 54 percent for Chicago Public Schools as a whole.

Emanuel says he didn't direct ally to organize support for schools agenda Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday that he didn't direct a political consulting firm with close ties to him to organize faith and community groups in support of his education agenda, nor was he aware the company was doing so.

Schools Say They Can’t Absorb Pension Costs CNC:  Even though one-third of Illinois’ schools have been placed on financial watch lists by the state Board of Education, leading Democrats are moving closer toward a plan that would shift teacher retirement costs from the state to schools.



For the Record: Teacher Pay Catalyst: Among the 50 largest districts, CPS teachers fall behind in two instance. However, data from the Illinois State Board of Education show that CPS salaries are far from highest among Illinois schools, especially when compared to those in suburban districts. The city ranks 13th in salaries for beginning teachers with a bachelor’s degree and  25th in pay for beginning teachers with a master’s.




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  • KIPP and Urban Prep discipline policies compared to Noble Street - AP Article

  • As usual, a positive spin, and absolutely no mention or emphasis of pushing out 2/3 of the kids…give any school the power to kick 2/3 of the ‘problem’ kids out, and most of them would have staggering achievement spikes…let kipp and noble kick 2/3 of their kids out…just stop covering up the real ingredients in their ‘secret sauce’.

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