Duncan On "The Daily Show"

Last week Arne Duncan was on" The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," talking about Race To The Top, teaching to the test, and the President's $5 billion proposed RESPECT initiative to transform the teaching profession:

It seemed clear to me that Stewart -- who's mother is an educator -- didn't really believe what Duncan was saying, though Duncan himself seems to believe it deeply.   There's a Part 2.  


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  • Well, I'm glad that somebody is trying to call out Duncan on his policies. It's extremely frustrating to see him drone on about the benefits of Race to the Top without adequately addressing the questions. Obama's (via Duncan) policies do not respect teachers and they absolutely do promote "teaching to the test".

  • In reply to jpwigner:

    Stewart didn't do enough homework before this interview. He was unable to get into the meat of the problems with NCLB and Race to the Top. Too bad.

  • In reply to jpwigner:

    Duncan absolutely does not believe in what he says. The guy isn’t dumb. He knows the data, and he knows that his policies are destructive to the many and profitable for the few.

  • Meh... good enough. This isn't some in depth 60 Minutes interview, it is a comedy show. Stewart's sarcasm and lack of support, coupled with Duncan's regurgitation of soundbites was telling. The public isn't buying what Obama and Duncan are selling, and Stewart reflected that skepticism.

  • My question is why anyone (including Duncan and the two above) think that the Stewart show is a serious forum?

    And at least Stewart got the update on the only reason why Duncan got this job--that he played basketball with Giannoulias and someone else at the U of C Lab school--but focused on Lin.

  • In reply to jack:

    I know Stewart is not serious. Neither are blogs, talk radio, pundit shows, network news, or especially the Trib. The current government/billionaire/eduprenuer complex controls much of the debate. What do you deem a "serious forum"? If you can find one, we'd all love to see it.

    listen jack, Duncan, Pritzker, Vitale, Emanuel, and their ilk do not have the credibility or knowledge to be deciding the fate of our schools. Students, teachers, and parents intimately know how the system works and how to truly improve education. Arne, Penny, David, and the rest do not deserve to even sit at the table, yet they control much of the dialogue.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Heck, I don't know which of the two to four district 299 readers you are, so why should I listen or reply to you?

  • C'mon "jack", you're just as anonymous as the rest of us. Call me "jill". Don't posit questions on online forums if you're going to clam up and refuse to talk when you don't like the response.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    You may have a first amendment right to post anonymously, but unless the Tribune's software is all fouled up, I am the only "jack" here.

    Apparently you were the district299 reader who said "I know Stewart is not serious," so you answered the question I posited. Just don't think I am going to reply to a moving target who can't even differentiate oneself from the rest of the mob, especially if the question is whether something else is serious. You aren't.

  • For old times sake, my favorite Arne Duncan video.


  • Great video – don’t forget part 2:

  • More reasons Duncan and ‘race to the top’ needs to go


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