Contract Negotiations In Public?

The Tribune's Eric Zorn wonders whether the CTU / CPS contract negotiations would be done better in public rather than behind the scenes as they're usually done (or at least as usually is attempted).  Apparently that's what they're trying in Idaho this year -- Zorn explains the pros and cons of the public negotiations approach (Sunlight, camera, action!), which I have to admit I'd never heard of in education or any other realm (sports, business, etc.).    It seems (a) unlikely to happen and (b) unclear if it would help improve the result.  Human nature being what it is, I can't imagine that there wouldn't be private negotiations in any supposedly public process, just as there are public moments in the current supposedly private talks (such as the mysterious leak of the CTU demands last week).



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  • read SB7. zorn is an ass.

  • Does anyone really care what Zorn thinks?

  • so you don't like zorn -- fine -- but what about the idea of a public negotiation?

    for me, i'd settle for public deliberations during board meetings -- that seems to me to be pretty amazing that they still make all their decisions behind closed doors and then file out for a pro forma (unanimous) vote.


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