Weekend Open House Let 2012 Begin

It's the weekend -- your last weekend before school starts up again on Monday.  Excited or nervous as you may be, there's no more denying that 2012 is really starting up.  So what's on your mind?  (a) The possibility raised in this Chicago Magazine article that street gangs have too much power over local alderman for anyone else to have a chance -- no matter what the Board and City Hall try to do will likely have little effect out on the West Side?  Or is it (b) last night's school closing hearing, which some describe as having been a circus?  Or (c) Thursday night's Brizard call-in* (which featured EpiPens, among other things?  Or (d) Kenzo Shibata's Huffington Post commentary, which Chicago Wonks @sethlavin described as "a welcome alternative...[to the] pitchforks-and-torches tone"  found elsewhere online? Or something entirely different?  Whatever it is, big or small, single-school or citywide, here's the place to lay it all out and hear what others have to say. *Corrected- thanks!

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  • AR: Your link to Brizard call-in show goes to the Chicago Mag story.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    thanks -- corrected (i think)

  • Which street gang? The 121 N LaSalle Street Gang?

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