So You Want To Work At The Central Office?

Let's say you wanted to work at the Central Office.  Let's say you had a fair amount of school experience and even had some work in the financial sector but didn't have an inside contact or someone who could recommend you.  How would you find out about, apply for, and even get a job?  Has such a thing ever happened?  These are some of the questions sent to me recently.  Feel free to answer, or pose your own question, in comments or by emailing me directly at district299 at gmail dot com.


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  • You need to know Rahm or someone on the Board--Noemi--who inthe world did you know? Who wortye this for you?
    Dear Principals –

    Thank you for all the time and effort you have already invested in creating a Full Day plan that will best meets the needs of your student body. As you know, the parameters were designed to give schools wide flexibility in redesigning the day to best serve each school’s unique student population.

    As you develop a Full Day plan, please remember that schools should not be conducting waiver votes on the proposed Full Day schedule. It is very important that no votes be taken-- not even advisory votes. If you have begun a voting, please stop immediately and contact your Chief of Schools immediately

    If you have any questions about Full Day plans in general, please contact Monica Lee at


    Noemi Donoso

    Chief Education Officer

  • The CPS Bulletin comes out once a week:

  • Veterans of CPS know that when Vallas came in, he made it a rule that folks needed a type 72 to work in important positions in Central Office. Teachers, who had come from the classroom to work for the board were given the heave ho. Not surprisingly, since they would question the BS that Vallas invented. The trend of hiring people who either have had no experience teaching to have very little teaching experience run and operate departments and offices on Clark St. With that legacy, we get inane mandates from pencil pushers. Take a serious look at the resumes of the people running the networks and their staff. Take a deep look! Those inane mandates have a serious cost on moral throughout the district.

  • What's a Type 72? Also, what defines an "important position"?

  • A few years ago HR began to require that all open positions be posted in the CPS bulletin. This at least gives people outside central office a chance to get these positions (and all departments I've worked with regularly hire from outside through this process - yes, sending in your resume in response to an advertised job does work!).

    I'd also take issue with this idea that everyone hired in CO needs to have teaching experience. In many positions that experience is indeed useful, but some of the worst employees I've ever seen were those straight from schools who had no experience in conceptualizing or executing large projects, complex initiatives, or policy. Other skill sets that teachers/principals don't necessarily possess are critical to the successful running of a district (and I don't just mean lawyers and accountants).

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    There are no TYPE 75s at central office--or teachers- heads there are and can hire their friends who have NO education or even labor expereince. They can post the jobs all they want--you will not be hired no matter your expereince or your proven talent. And friends are paid very well.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Most of the best employees at CO have no teacher experience. Teaching experience is great, but the skills needed for most jobs in CO have nothing to do with teaching. I think you'd find that most of CO would prefer if there were fewer teachers or principals around as they tend to slow things down and, as said above, have difficulty with large projects and initiatives.

    I also don't think it's fair to say that CO is filled with people who know people. I don't find that to be the case once you get past the 5th floor. I'd say a bigger issue at CO is all the people who are there because City Hall had to stash them somewhere.

  • Around 2004-2005, The Powers That Be decided that any teacher type that worked in central office had to have a Type 75 (adminstrative/supervisory certificate). Probably this decision was made for monetary reasons: teachers were being paid for 8 hour days and making a lot of overtime. Consequently, those teachers that were kept were "counseled" by HR; they had to become career service. They were told that benefits and retirement benefits were the same. If the teacher wanted to kept his job and remain in Central Office, they had to switch and become career service. There were individuals one year away from retirement; they were given no choice.

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