Video: "Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls"


This hilarious / offensive video has been going around the Internet for the past week or so, and since there are so many "white girls" teaching in CPS I thought it might make a good conversation-starter.

Have you ever seen (or done) something like this?  Are people too formal or too informal at your school? Do you think talking about racist or possibly racist or just oblivious people makes things better, or worse?


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  • Remember Janie Ortega?

    More on how the Board of Ed stacked the deck against
    Marquette Elementary at

  • Black girls ask about my hair all the time. The comments by the two races are not that far apart.

  • @mskbordner: really @district299 ? video "sh*t white girls say.." as conversation starter for "white girls" teaching in CPS? Not offended but ur reaching

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