Rating Emanuel's Performance

How did Emanuel do at last night's education town hall?  Here's a bit of early coverage to get you started: Monday's Town Hall Show Ray Salazar (The White Rhino): This town hall was designed to make us "feel" the mayor is conversing with us but, in reality, he was protecting and promoting himself. ALSO: Emanuel's town hall streamed on Facebook WLS.


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  • That performance of his last night was sad. Ditto for the interviewers/questioners. Some of the questions were the right ones (culled from submitted questions). Not many of the answers were, imho. I give him no credibility because he just keeps repeating his robotic talking points, which include misinformation. Still, CPS has huge problems and all the players, from the students to the mayor.

  • ...all the players have to work to fix the problems...

  • All the payer in deed, not just the teachers who continue to shoulder the blame for all educational ills as per the mayor.

    Come on, did anyone expect anything more from the king repetitive sound bites?

  • In reply to MWave:

    Cmon.... Tiny Dancer (aka Rahm), does not have the stones nor the truth to have an honest non-controlled dialogue about CPS. Tiny knows he is wrong and he owes the Chicago Civic Club and his other high priced benefactors. Sad...

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