Protests, Safe Passage, YouTube Beating

Today's education news includes coverage of recent protests, a close look at the Safe Passage program, and arrests in the YouTube video beating case. That's it. How's the week going so far?

King holiday marked by march for 'education justice' Tribune: The CTU and community groups fightingChicago Public Schools'efforts to close down or turn around failing schools marked the Martin Luther King with protests on the West and Southwest Sides.

Protesters vow to 'save' school from take over by 'politically connected' operator Sun Times: CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey decried Chicago Public School plans to turn over management of Marquette — one of the system's largest elementary schools, with some 1400 students — and five other academically struggling schools.

Protesting CPS On MLK Day Progress IL: CPS will have a second round of community meetings regarding the turnaround of Herzl and other school actions January 20. The Chicago Board of Education will vote on these proposed school actions in its February meeting.

The Right to Protest Chicago Tonight:  Protesters are turning up the heat on Chicago, even as the Mayor and Police Chief cool down restrictions for the NATO and G8 summits. Paris Schutz has the story.

Expanded safe passage program watches over 35,000 students Medill Reports: Initially implemented at 13 sites, School Community Watch has been expanded to 35 of the district’s 122 high school campuses this year, affecting approximately 35,000 students. The program is expected to cost the school district $8.4 million this year, said CPS spokesman Frank Shuftan.

Chicago Slums and the Long Shadow of Lead Paint The 312 Chicago Magazine: The U.S. homicide rate hit a 50-year low last year and violent crime hit a 40-year low in 2010, despite the terrible economy. Lead abatement may offer a substantial explanation—and a challenge to utilitarian theories of crime.

Michigan gives green light for charter school expansion: The provision mandates teacher firing after three years of being rated “ineffective.” A similar rule change in the Chicago Public Schools led to the termination of 11 percent of new teachers.

7 teens charged in Bridgeport beating captured on video Sun Times: Police on Wednesdat said seven teens have been charged in the brutal beating and robbing of a 17-year-old boy in a Bridgeport alleyway on Sunday.

7 teens charged in beating, robbery posted on YouTube Tribune: Seven teenagers, including a 15-year-old girl, were charged this morning with the beating and robbery of a 17-year-old high school senior that was captured on video and posted on the Internet.

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  • Does anyone know what news stories about violence and teens in Chicago no longer automatically lead with which CPS school the student attends (or ever attended)? The school-mention was always forced high in the stories even if it had no relevance to the story at all. Nowadays, I don't see that anymore. Did it end with Huberman? When Duncan left? Why???

  • correction: Does anyone know WHY news stories about violence and teens in Chicago...

  • The body count disappeared as well. "He is the 23rd CPS student killed this year".

    Chicago media is no better than TASS.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    That's right! Why has this shift happened? I'm glad those two elements are gone from stories, but, man, I want to know why and how the en masse shift happened.

  • A Thousand Words

    In a perverted sort of way this is an example of why the internet must remain free.
    Beat downs and wilding are a fact of life in Chicago. They occur on the street .
    on CTA busses and trains, and in schools. Only a few are presented to the world
    on the net. Most go ignored by the powers to be . It is these movers and shakers that are
    dying to get their hands on the internet .Traditional news sources have become outlets
    for official deception. Insulting our intelligence with stories of beach closings on
    Memorial day ,because a temperature in the mid 80’s was too hot, while forgetting
    To mention the gang wilding .
    I can only speculate why that kid got beat down Sunday. At first I thought it was
    staged performance due to the lack of blood. But I changed my mind.
    Many a kid has told me that wearing a backpack in some places is forbidden
    So is carrying books. The cost of education is very high in Chicago.

  • The articles Alexander linked relating to the story of the YouTube beating video unfortunately told very little of the story behind the video and a strange story it appears to be indeed. The beating took place behind James Ward School which is in China town, not really Bridgeport. About 30% of the students attending that elementary school are Chinese English language learners, there is a housing center accross the street filled with Chinese speaking families.

    While Raymond Palomino the son of a Cook County Sheriffs policeman has become the focus of this story, it was actually a story of conflicts within the Chinese community itself. At the juvenile hearing for the other arrested attackers yesterday it was revealed that 5 of them required a Cantonese interpreter in order to understand the charges against them. The victim was also a Chinese speaking ESL student, but it is not clear if he was Cantonese or Mandarin speaking . It is unclear how many of the Chinese students attended Kelly where Raymond Palomino is a senior, one of the juvenile attackers lived in Arlington Heights.

    I have in the past had two cases involving what are sometimes called in China town FOBs (fresh off the boat) Chinese Mandarin speaking students with disabilities who were attacked by other Chinese children in that community much to the distress of the parents of these two disabled children. So apparently there are bullying conflicts within that community that are on going. Really none of the subtleties of this incident were picked up in many of the articles on the attack. I have no idea at all how Raymond Palomino got connected with these inner Chinese student conflicts.

    But having read the comments on these articles about the YouTube beating video, it is very clear that somehow in the minds of many this attack is somehow attributable to CPS and various animal like students who lack parenting or thug children of cops. I think it is fair to say that many high school teachers reading this blog may have seen and stopped worse beatings than what was on that clip. In the time I taught at Calumet High School before its conversion to a charter I saw several girls beaten far worse by other girls alone than what I saw in that video and in no case after their arrest was their bond $100,000. We do not even need to discuss real gang related beatings which were at a whole different level.

    In so many ways this is a strange story and reaction to the story.

    Rod Estvan

  • fb_avatar

    It strikes me that the real animals are the affluent rubberneckers who pay for their separate unequal school system, and then get their thrills off of shaking their heads at the "savages" who have to live with the consequences of that inequity.

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