Praise For Seward & Curie

There's praise for the teachers at Seward and Curie in this Reader interview of Adolfo Mondragon, a Yale-educated lawyer now running for state senate.  "I had great teachers—old-school teachers who really cared about their kids. They saw that I was a good student and they looked after me. My eighth grade teacher, Miss Cavanaugh, introduced me to high school-level literature. She gave me a Webster hardbound dictionary for my eighth grade graduation. To this day I have that dictionary...  I worked my ass off in high school. I did chess club and the Latino club. I was in the Filipino club 'cause I liked the girls. But basically I spent my time studying. When I finally graduated, my official rank was two. I still wish I was number one."


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  • Awesome to see a fellow Condor flying high. We did have some amazing teachers at Curie.

  • "It's easy to cut public education funding when your kids go to private school. Just ask Christie and Emanuel."

  • I thought the CTU was on the right track suggesting the school day should be modeled on the school day of the University of Chicago Lab School, where Mayor Emanuel's kids attend school. Shorter day than 7.5 hours, but filled with core academics, art, music, swimming and fencing. Don't know why we stopped taking a closer look at making this the model for CPS ... what's good for the goose is good for the goose.

  • Seward!!! A great get a job there somebody has to retire or die....teachers come and stay. Every year its scores improves in a tough neighborhood...a great example of inner school schools that work,,

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