Ministers Support CPS (Sort Of)

Today's news includes a report on religious leaders speaking out on turnarounds -- pretty interesting stuff, voucher rumblings from Springfield, and more about low graduation or transfer rates from community colleges.

Chicago religious leaders speak up on failing schools WBEZ: “We support equal access to a quality education for our children. If a school has to be closed to deal with that-- unfortunately we have to do what we have to do," Turner said.

School choice makes national waves Statehouse News: “I’m a strong supporter of public education where public education is a supporter of its taxpayers. When I see that there is a struggle in meeting the needs of communities, then we have to look at other options,” said state Rep. LaShawn Ford, D-Chicago, who has sponsored one of the voucher bills.

Target, CPS officials tout Children's Literacy Initiative Catalyst: Officials from Target and CPS highlighted the Children’s Literacy Initiative program at a Wednesday morning event at Cardenas Elementary.

After 120 years, Jane Addams’ Hull House Association to close Sun Times:  Jane Addams Hull House Association, at 1030 W. Van Buren, provides a variety of assistance to 60,000 people a year in the Chicago area.

Math causing dropouts for community colleges WBEZ: About 41 percent of students - less than half - leave community college with a meaningful career certificate or degree within three years of enrolling, the report found.

Free Legal Advice From Chicago Law and Education Foundation CNC:  Dennis Kass, a history teacher in Little Village who has a law degree, helped start a foundation that offers students and parents free legal advice.


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  • Some of these Chicago pastors have contracts with the City of Chicago or the Chicago Public Schools!

  • Dem Machine Playbook: Pay off shady preachers to pimp themselves for 30 pieces of silver and betray their people!

    It would be great to make a list of these "Judas" preachers and astro - turf community groups that NO ONE has heard of that repeat the company line.

    With even U of C saying that RESEARCH shows that Mayoral Control of CPS has failed the most challenged children in our community, kind shows that Rahm will need to call in a lot of expensive favors!

  • Rahmnooddles and other anti-union politicians should be concerned. Over one million signatures were received in the recall effort against Governor Walker. Note that Scott Walker was elected with only 1,129,000 votes, so the fact that the petition circulators— 30,000 strong—got almost that many signatures is huge. It appears Scott Walker will be sent packing

  • Did anyone else know about the mayor's education town hall meeting this Monday? I just found out about it on Thursday. The info is posted on my blog:

  • In reply to Ray Salazar:

    I tried to "vote" for a question posted for Emanuel's Facebook townhall meeting, but the site never accepted my registration. Anyone else have much luck registering?

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    I haven't tried registering. Try contacting the webmaster?

  • +1

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