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Bart and Lisa say "good morning."  Today's news includes stories about this weekend's new schools expo, continuing coverage of the paid protesters scandal, and a few other bits about school closings, raising the dropout age, and the like.  There are also a couple of items from over the weekend if you scroll down or check Twitter.

Minister in ‘rent-a-protester’ flap offers to open his books Sun Times:  “Small stipends” offered to school protesters did not come from after-school and safe-passage grants the HOPE Organization received from Chicago Public Schools, the group’s CEO, Rev. Roosevelt Watkins III, told the Chicago Sun-Times in an email. ALSO: The Rev. Roosevelt Watkins III’s Full Statement

Schools CEO: We're too obsessed with selective enrollment Tribune:  About 250 people streamed into Soldier Field meeting rooms Saturday for a public education expo that featured dozens of booths representing the steady growth of charter schools in Chicago.

New Schools Expo Offers Choice Fox: At a big event this Saturday at Soldier Field the operators of more than 100 charter schools will be there to take applications and answer your questions.

Raising Dropout Age Supported by Gov. Fox: Gov. Pat Quinn announced Friday that he supports increasing the minimum age Illinois students can drop out of school from 17 to 18 years old, although other measures may be needed to significantly reduce the dropout rate. ALSO:  Not gonna happen Capitol Fax.

Site not fit for a new school, neighbors say Tribune:  Chicago Public Schools' plan to build an elementary school on polluted property in the shadow of the Chicago Skyway and an expiring coal-fired power plant near the Indiana border is raising the ire of parents in the working-class East Side neighborhood....

Clinic Opens for Pregnant CPS Students Fox: Chicago Public School students who are pregnant have a new resource to help them stay in school.

Chicago Board of Education to release documents kept secret since 1995 WBEZ:  Every six months the board is supposed to review minutes from those meetings and make public those it can. District attorneys determine whether a need for confidentiality still exists.

Wisconsin will use Microsoft money to buy 1400 iPads for schools TabTimes: Wisconsin administrators were said to have been impressed with a recent iPad trial byChicago Public Schools, which found the tablets were useful for keeping students more engaged when in the classroom.

The Chicago Tribune and CPS’s Big Lie CMW: Judging from the Tribune attack on its co-chair, the Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force must really be raising some hackles.

Emanuel’s Longer School Day Logic Jim Warren (CNC): A longer day is an educational necessity and a signature mayoral goal. But it’s no cure-all, despite the lack of equivocation from media cheerleaders, including the Tribune editorial page.

Why Are There So Many Gang Members in Chicago? Chicago Magazine: Out of all major U.S. cities, only Los Angeles compares to Chicago in the number of gang members—and Chicago may well have more than the nation's second-largest city. It has considerably more than New York. What went wrong, and what can be done to address it?


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  • Forcing kids to finish high school Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman cites U of C's James Heckman

  • CEO Brizard: "I think as a community we're a bit too obsessed with selective enrollment... What we have to do, folks, is create great schools for kids, no matter where they are."

    I actually agree with the CEO here. However, CPS policy actually works in contradiction to these beliefs.

    Charter schools, for instance, are by their very nature selective in their enrollment. According to CPS only about 35% of students in charter schools come from the neighborhood in which the building resides.

    And CPS school closing policies have resulted in neighborhoods on the west and south sides with literally no neighborhood schools whatsoever.

    On the other hand, maybe "no matter where they are" is a modifier of schools not kids and the CEO does not want better neighborhood schools.

  • House faces early vote on sex education controversy SSNS They're back! (as of tomorrow)

  • In the Tribune article I read "about 250 people streamed into Soldier Field meeting rooms Saturday for a public education expo that featured dozens of booths representing the steady growth of charter schools in Chicago." If the total attendance at this event was only 250 that is little short of a disaster. What does CPS claim the attendance at the event was?

    Rod Estvan

  • I was thinking the same thing : what a pathetic turn out ! At our school of 500 students, we had almost 200 adults come for an after-school event. And each adult had 2 -3 kids along. HOW can CPS promote an even with 100 booths of charter / magnet schools, and only 250 parents show up ?

  • In reply to 30-Yr. Vet:

    the sun times says thousands were there -- 8,000 is the estimate they give

    seems more likely -- not sure what was up with the trib story.

  • "Today, Ingenuity Incorporated, in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Office of Arts Education, launches ArtLook (, an interactive online mapping system that provides up-to-date information about arts programming available at every public school in Chicago. The system covers 675 schools in neighborhoods ranging from Rogers Park to Englewood and Austin and includes grades K-12."

  • Sorry--this art site is wrong. Our school does not have the programs it says we have.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Contact them and let them know

  • FOIA request to provide accurate information on hearings Substance says CPS won't give out briefing books [I'm embarrassed to say I didn't realize that they ever let them go]

  • Is it really true that the Board invested $3 million to buy land that it toxic (for a new school on the South East side)? Who would DO something like that? Did they try to get community feedback first?

  • Where is the OIG on this southeast side catastrophy?
    Rahm's BOARD approved this deal for contaminated land that was WELL over-priced.

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