EpiPens For Everybody?

Today's education news includes coverage of a meeting between Bronzeville protesters and City Hall staff, more about the paid protesters, and a preview of a new EpiPen policy to be considered at tomorrow's Board meeting, which I know many of you have been pushing for a long time now.

Bronzeville group meets with mayor's staff Catalyst:  A group of Bronzeville students, parents and community activists met with members of the mayor's staff Monday. But they left the meeting unsatisfied and promising further action.

Two say they got paid to protest, back closing Chicago schools Sun Times:  Always contentious hearings on whether to close failing Chicago schools have taken a bizarre twist this year with charges that cash-strapped residents were hired as “rent-a-protesters” and given pre-made signs and pre-crafted scripts to support school shakeups.

Protesters and pastors weigh in on proposed CPS closings WBEZ:  Chicago Public Schools will hold hearings just about every night this week on a slate of schools the district wants to close or phase out. School closings are controversial every year.

CPS to enact new policies on allergies, diabetes, asthma management Tribune: Chicago Public Schools is planning to start stocking epinephrine injectors at schools to treat life-threatening allergic...

Library cuts restored: whose victory? CMW: Emanuel originally proposed the cuts. Now he says they were wrong.

Emanuel raps state scholarship perk that went to Ald. Beale's daughter Current: Without mentioning Ald. Anthony Beale (9th) by name, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday offered thinly-veiled criticism of the South Side alderman for the legislative scholarship awarded to Beale’s daughter.

Durbin takes stance against fraud in national lunch program Daily Northwestern: Chicago Public Schools, the third-largest school district in the United States, rejected CEO earlier this year, but Durbin referred to it in his letter as "a promising program that eases the process." "

Nine Years Later, City Creating New Plan to End Homelessness CNC: In November, the Chicago News Cooperative reported that 10660 homeless students enrolled in public school classrooms this fall, a 16 percent increase over last year and a record high, according to Chicago Public Schools data for September. ALSO: Illinois poverty reaches highest point in decades, study reveals IL Gazette

As some schools plunge into technology, poor schools are left behind Tribune: Even though Chicago Public Schools reports spending about $40 million a year on technology, Bronzeville Scholastic lags behind its peers and exemplifies a dangerous disparity that exists in the United States,

Juan Williams Skewers Chicago Teachers Union in New Film Townhall Conservative: The film features the Noble Street College Prep charter school and the amazing results its teachers and leaders are delivering for students and parents of Chicago. It also exposes the entrenched educational establishment bent on stifling school choice options and preserving its monopoly on state education dollars.


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  • From the Sun Times: Watkins' HOPE Organization [who sent paid protesters] offers after-school programming and won nearly $1.47M in CPS contracts since 2010.http://ow.ly/8EqRY

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    The fix is in! They got to keep their 30 pieces of silver.

  • If true, this suggests that Emanual knows these school closings are wrong . . . at least some of them are. Favors to powerful supporters. Casals comes to mind. Why else subvert community participation? He can't stand to lose. We have a major who will stoop to anything to have his way. At least that's what the early returns seem to indicate. I'm all in favor of closing schools that are failing children, firing incompetent teachers and principals, because the children of Chicago have to come first . . . before the interests of the adults. But the manner in which this is being done raises a lot of questions.

  • Emanuel has no place to talk when it comes to Alderman Beales.
    Emanuel's kids were put at the top of the list for Lab School.

  • Lab school is a private institution that can do as it pleases. Beale's family member took a public scholarship. See the difference?

  • The Juan Williams video that Alexander linked to simply has to be seen to be believed. I would not know where to begin to critique it.

    Rod Estvan

  • Good thing Juan Williams is no longer identified as a "journalist." But, some people do believe every thing he's saying. And, ha, ha, notice how all union members are "fat"? So subtle.

  • Movie

    Well I watched the 28 minute version. It is hard to believe they got
    The mayor to pimp like that but the devil , as usual, is in the details .
    My contention is that the entire charter movement is an attempt
    to bring back parochial schools at tax payers’ expense.
    I frankly do not believe that those schools do not give their problem
    Kids the heave –ho . I wonder what will happen when there are no more
    Public schools to use as a threat ?

  • fb_avatar

    Of course they give their problem students the heave-ho! There were quite a few references to school "culture" by the head of Noble as well as the principal. The head guy stated that the lack of discipline and disrespect were part of the problem in the district high school he taught in. You act up at Noble, out you go! On CPS obsessed there was a piece about the new soccer charter that recently opened. The parent who has interviewed said something to the effect that there were some disciplinary problems, but that once the kids who were getting all the dententions left, things would be fine. It amazes me that people just don't seem to be able to connect the dots.

  • In reply to 1togoplease:

    The gaming charter, not the soccer charter.

  • Rham's CPS will do away with nurses if they can get away with it in the next contract. Yup! Rham cares for kids... hahahaha

  • Board agenda: Renewal for ACT, Beasley changes, settlement approvals (Quantum, Sentinel) http://ow.ly/8Fkwn First motion? Closed session

  • Tonight the board will also vote on the policy regarding the "Diabetic Care Aides."
    As plans stand now the diabetic care aids will recieve a total of two hours of training. TWO HOURS to care for a diabetic who could be between 2.5 and15 years of age in an elementary school. These aides will not only be checking blood sugars and treating low blood sugar emergencies they will be calculating and adminstering insulin. Insulin dosage calculations are indvidual and sometimes very complex, get it wrong and a kid ends up in an ambulance. This is not a well thought out law which allows any district to have a policy like this. We don't need DDCA we need a full time nurse in every school with a diabetic.

  • In reply to Traveler:

    Maybe diabetics kids need a 504 plan that requires a nurse available. Any chances of that?

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    To quote Martha Mitchel "Ask'n ain't gett'n". However a better person to answer that question would be Ed Krause from Kent Law School.

  • Shock
    Anyone who works with a large group of people has probably witnessed
    a person in diabetic shock. It is not a pretty sight watching someone sprawled out on the floor. Unless the kid fell out in my room I would never know. . That was for the nurse. Several years ago a youth officer at my school was on his way to the station when he went into shock that caused him to crash his car and die. One of the most taken for granted people in a school is the nurse. Working behind closed doors with those needing help most of what they do never becomes public,real quiet

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