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On Wednesday WBEZ broke the news that Stand for Children was conducting a massive phone operation to reach out to Chicagoans on the South and West Sides, hoping to create "a giant conference call" among people in areas affected by CPS's turnaround plans (and to demonstrate support among parents for dramatic improvements). According to Stand IL, about 9,000 people participated, and here's the audio of the telephone town halls. Each is about 40 minutes long, according to an email sent out from Juan Jose Gonzalez, Director, Stand for Children Chicago.  Take a listen, tell us what you hear (or if you were on the call), or opine on the idea of doing this kind of call-in.  PURE's Julie Woestehoff is against what Stand is doing, in part because she doesn't think it's a genuine effort to get public input and doesn't think turnarounds work.  How about you?  Michelle Rhee's organization, StudentsFirst, did a version of the same thing a few weeks ago (audio here).


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  • I heard a Stand for Children sponsored pro-turnaound advertisement on WVON radio a couple of days ago. They are spending money.

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    Where are they getting their money? Making calls and doing a telephonic town hall costs a good chuck of money... where are they getting the funding? Why are they in support of turnarounds now, why not last year or three years ago? Does Stand always support CPS or is this a new thing? Why isn't anyone asking these questions?

  • I think the television ads are even worse:

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    The link is not to a television ad sponsored by S4C, but a web video from a parody site. While it's a funny parody, it's simply dishonest of you to claim the video is something it isn't.

  • the event was livetweeted:!/search/realtime/%23standbrizard

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  • These deformers will have you look or hear anything but the research that states that their NO RESEARCH based solutions don't make sense and don't work. Keep your eye on their money sources and their lack of using any qualitative research to back their arguments.

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    I am so tired of the complaints that this or that won't work. There is never anything constructive here. What do you propose? What WILL work?

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    Building a world class public school system does not rely on Wizard of Oz BS to blind the public and make corporate investors rich with our tax payer money. My criticism is that Stand for Children does not follow qualitative research nor world class practices in public schools. Simple. If you do enough research you will see that Stand for Children pimp itself for corporate money promoting practices NOT based on any qualitative educational research. To compare, Finland takes the best qualitative educational research and implementes it in their practice.

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    Smaller class sizes, well trained and experienced teachers, administrators who are held accountable, and public oversight of the Board and its spending: it's simple, it's proven, but it's obviously NOT what Rahm and his profiteering mascots want to hear.

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    I am finally starting to see progress on holding administrators and CO people accountable. One simple administrative change has helped with Board spending accountability, but there is still room for improvement on that front. We are also finally getting rid of P cards. Smaller class sizes are not in the budget.

  • It appears the Scantron testing mandated by the district in many schools has been yanked.

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    No, the contrary. The test by which schools and teachers were to be judged was the new benchmark common core test. Due to incompetence or other sordid reason, the benchmark or common core test was shelved in the second quarter. Scantron, is now being used to judge schools and teachers. Why scantron is being used is beyond me. Why was the Common Core Benchmark shelved? Who is running the show regarding assessements?

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    I think the reason the common core benchmarks or test was dropped is because the national test being developed in FLA and funded by Race to the Top federal dollars will far exceed any thing CPS could hope to develop in house. I am not arguing that this test will be perfect by any means or in always good for children, but its capabilities and lower administration costs seem apparent.

    To read about the test development go to

    Rod Estvan

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    Just to update on the Scantron test, our administrator said it gone for now. Hopefully for good. Perhaps it is still being used in your Network?

  • has anyone listened to the tapes, or was anyone on the calls? i'd be interested in hearing what folks had to say.

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