A Fake School ID Was All It Took

"A school ID is what? Like what is that? It's like, it's some colors with literally a name and picture on it."  That's the kid kid who took all the tests in the current SAT test-taking scandal in New York-- and his description of how pathetic the security process was. And so far at least ETS is resisting calls for better security or for notifying colleges of even confirmed cases of cheating on the test.  From the most recent "60 Minutes" aired this past weekend.  Yes, of course, it's NCLB's fault. [Cross-posted from TWIE]


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  • Fake school ID…where did Brizard get his?
    it's really getting difficult to listen to brizard on wbez - people are calling him out on his BS and he's still holding to it…his outright lies, utter incompetence, complete disregard for ethics in education was apparent from the start…after tonight's show, chicagoans should demand his resignation...

  • It's interesting how Brizard seemed to frame the overpayment of the retired-teacher subs on the subs (that's what it sounded like when he said said "most" CPS employees are honest). Who runs the pay system for subs?! Talk about the need for "accountability" --- and repercussions?!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    "Most" CPS employees are honest?! Too bad Brizard and 'most' Rahm appointed CPS board members are not!

  • Thanks for keeping us updated on the New York news. Have KoCo protests at City Hall made the New York news yet?

  • seemed like a national story to me, joe -- it was on 60 minutes, after all. you think that kind of thing's not happening in Chicago, too?

  • It just seems like a dog bites man kind of story to me. As far as 60 Minutes, do people who have school aged children watch 60 Minutes? I'm sure their parents do.

  • I think it was a fluffy piece trying to make ETS look bad when there are clearly adults in this community supporting cheating. This issue has occurred because a school has lax security around it's own ID system and parents who will pay another student to take a test for their child.

  • Good job Sam Eshaghoff! - You may have a promising career at City Hall - was it you who took the exam for Jean-Claude?

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