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Didja miss last week's Chicago Tonight segment on turnarounds and closures because you were listening to the WBEZ call-in?  Me, too.  But it's posted now and you can check it out by clicking below.  See what Donoso, Boyd, Lenz, and Potter have to say about the situation.   Tell us if you hear anything interesting.



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  • I am usually in complete admiration of Phil Ponce, but he went a way soft on Dr. Noemi Donoso…when Jackson Potter asked a legitimate question, why not give the schools the support that they need NOW instead of waiting, "extra councilors, extra funding, extra school psychologists", she didn't answer the question…instead she said,
    "We have to continue to invest in all of our schools; we have to support all of our schools…there's a short term strategy and a long term strategy"…bla bla bla company line…in short, she completely dodged the question…and Ponce just let her slide…if Noemi Donoso is really a Dr., she needs to have her license revoked for malpractice.

  • That's how CPS does it! They deplete a school via systematic neglect. When the school predictably fails, they hurl the kids off to a school that looks one or two points better. Then they cut resources at the receiving school. Slowly but surely, the receiving school begins to fall apart and the cycle begins anew.

    This city is famous for corruption…and Chicagoans love to complain about how their politicians sold them out. But when corruption knocks, Chicagoans turn the knob, open the door and let the crooks rob the cradle, break the safe and raid the frig…every single time! Chicagoans are no short suckers! They won't be happy until the schools are run by the same people who own the parking meters!

    Give the school what they need to succeed right now! Stop playing games with our kids, our schools, our teachers!

  • I was very not impressed with Dr. Donoso. I thought she fell flat on this program, not inspiring at all.

  • On the topic of Turn Arounds, the Chicago Teacher's Union website has a 5 minute video up on a picket conducted by Pablo Casals at Alderman Maldonado's office on Dec. 5th.

  • substance praises WTTW for including a strong teacher voice

  • Dr. Domoso is a CPS-bot. "I am a CPS bot. Wind me up and I will keep saying whatever CPS wants me to say. If I repeat it enough times, someone will believe it."

    Sad part about it, someone almost certainly will believe it.

  • just 18 percent of replacement schools are at level one, according to a new analysis from WBEZ and catalyst -- -- another 40 percent are level 2 -- is that higher or lower than you would have expected? is it good enough?

  • Catalyst reports 40 percent at Performance Level 3, the lowest rating

    Only 18 percent at level one, the highest rating, half of which are magnet or selective enrollment

    42% at level 2

    On your Twitter links, you wrote that 'roughly 3 of 5 replacement schools are medium or high performing' one could easily say 4 of 5 is medium or low performing'. So, I guess we are down to the "half full or half empty" interpretation…

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    the estimated success rates for turnarounds that i've come across range from zero (fordham) to 30-50 percent (mass insight, among others) -- depends on how you define turnarounds, and success.

    CPS replaced schools that were 100 percent level 3 (by and large) with schools that are 40 percent level 3 -- is that a big enough reduction to justify the upheaval?

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    In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Really misleading comment Alexander--fuzzy percentages, ignoring the fact that a lot of the non-level 3s now are more selective than the schools they replaced. You are asking a question based on a chain of false assumptions and faulty data.

  • Answer: No!

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