Can "Stand" Make A Comeback? Sure.

Late last week the Chicago News Cooperative / NYT ran a story on the fallout from last summer's ed reform mini-scandal involving Jonah Edelman.  Old news?  Nothing new to talk about? Why focus on the negative?  Not at all. The CNC article details some of what's happened within Stand For Children's IL chapter since the scandal broke -- experienced new leadership, greatly reduced fundraising, and attempts to refresh for the upcoming legislative season. (The organization also bolstered its East Coast capacity by merging with EEP.)  But if it can rebound in Illinois and nationally -- there doesn't seem to be any real reason it shouldn't -- it will be a comeback that will have happened without much public support from those who are ostensibly its allies.  Publicly ignoring setbacks and shunning leaders who make mistakes is is what the school reform community nearly always seems to do.  [cross-posted from TWIE]


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  • Lisa

    Why hasn’t Ms Madigan investigated the whole SB7 situation?
    might make for interesting dinner conversation. Also why
    Aren’t our union officials trying to get that rotten law rescinded?
    Perhaps in this dirty game of Illinois politics we need to confront
    The issue head on .How much does it take to buy a house vote?
    We need to follow the money. Mr. Edelman layed out a pretty
    Good place to start.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    rbusch writes: "Why hasn’t Ms Madigan investigated the whole SB7 situation?"

    Huh? Aside from the fact that her father is the Speaker of the House, what possible reason could there be for investigating a legislative process that all the major parties agreed to? The state's two biggest unions--IEA and IFT--both signed on to the deal, as did Karen Lewis of the Chicago Teachers Union.

    "Aren’t our union officials trying to get that rotten law rescinded?"

    First, see above. And then, one person in the entire state legislature (Rep. Monique Davis) voted "No" on SB7. The Senate vote was unanimous. Why would the legislature consider rescinding a law that all major stakeholders helped shape, had near-unanimous support in both houses of the legislature, and won accolades from the major press and political figures from Arne Duncan to Barack Obama?

    SB7 is here to stay. There is no "do-over."

  • SB7

    Well I sure hope the Fed’s are looking. Fruit from a rotten
    Tree is still fruit. I am well aware of who voted for SB7
    And realize what a con-job was done to our Union
    leadership and I would not expect them to admit the
    tremendous blunder they made. Personally I will never
    submit to a law as destructive .Time will tell the results
    but remember from history laws put in place to uphold
    the Dred Scott Act were still laws .

  • here's some great advice from jim broadway for all of us to find out if we're still in the same legislative district (they changed) and who's running for office and what their education positions are.

    leg map here:
    candidate list here

    stand and other groups will support or oppose some of these candidates, attempt to influence their positions, etc. during upcoming months -- so should you.

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