Board Meeting Protest Update [8:40am]

A roundup of the news from yesterday's Board meeting and the protests that forced it to a quick ending.  What happened, and will it make a difference?  Did they go too far, or not far enough?  Only time will tell.  I'll add more news as it gets posted [UPDATED Thursday AM 8:40am]

Protesters Derail School Board Meeting CNC: For more than two hours angry parents, teachers and community leaders spoke at a podium that faced rows of empty chairs where board members and top CPS officials would have been seated.

Protesters take over Chicago School Board meeting WBEZ:  Screaming protesters brought a Chicago School Board meeting to a dead halt for some 20 minutes Wednesday, chanting that the system’s school closing policy had “failed Chicago’s children” and produced “chaos.”

Protesters disrupt Chicago Board of Education meeting Sun Times:  BRIZARD: Good morning, Mr. President, members of the Board of Education, members of the public… SHOUT: MIC CHECK!! RESPONSE: MIC CHECK!!

Protesters Close CPS Board Meeting Fox:After Chicago Teachers Union and Occupy Chicago protesters lined up overnight to attend Wednesday’s Chicago School Board meeting, the board closed the meeting to the public because, they said, protesters were too disruptive.

Protesters shut down Chicago school board meeting over closings, turnarounds Tribune:  ‎More than 50 protesters took command of Chicago Public Schools' board meeting Wednesday, shouting down board members in a dramatic show of force against proposed school closings, consolidations and turnaround projects.

CPS hands out capital dollars to schools slated for turnaround Tribune: Critics of CPS' school closing and turnaround policies have long maintained that rather than investing in failing schools, the district has instead put resources in schools slated for turnaround or ...

Protesters send CPS board members scurrying Tribune: ‎In a chaotic scene at Chicago Public Schools' headquarters Wednesday, the school board abruptly ended its meeting and went into closed session after being shouted down by a couple dozen angry parents ...

Chicago Teachers Union, Occupy Chicago Protest School Closures Huffington Post: ‎Starting around 6 pm, members of the Chicago Teachers Union and Occupy Chicago gathered outside the headquarters, 125 S. Clark St., chanting "Save our schools!" and many stayed overnight.

Heated Debate Closes CPS Board Meeting NBC:  Parents braved the wind, cold and rain and even spent the night in front of CPS headquarters to attend a board ...


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  • This is puzzling and the protesters have reason to question what the Board is doing: "Another AUSL school, National Teachers Academy, which is expected to take in bused students from Bronzeville's closing Price Elementary, will also be receiving funds for interior renovations."

    NTA is a practically brand new school and is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Maybe the protesters should have a look at it. I've been in schools that are depressing for both students and teachers, with peeling paint and antiquated fixtures. But brand new AUSL school NTA is receiving funds for interior renovations? In what alternative universe is that fair and just? I'd love to hear an explanation for those allocations. Why NTA and not another school more in need of "interior renovations? Does CPS ever audit schools and prioritize so that those that need renovations the most are getting them . . . and not just those that are the best connected politically?

  • All protesters note--at school closue/turnaround meetings-YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET IN. Only parents of the school based on ID and LSC members will be able to get in. CPS is going to keep you out of it. Security wil be thick! That's the plan--thank you new family and comminuty high paid boss-what's your name?

  • Wondering how much money will the the Humbuldt Park, Westside and Southside schools get?

    Bell Elementary School . $10 million expansion, $2million in TIF funding for Amundsen High School, Chappell Elementary and McPherson Elementary, $62,000 in menu funding for Ravenswood Elementary,$50,000 in menu funding for Audubon Elementary,
    Courtenay and Waters Elementary next.

  • There were people at 125 who new this was going to happen and they did not tell the idiots-authorities at 125=GOOD FOR THEM>
    We are sick of your Greed Viatale--the smirk on your face is going national!

  • Brizard--i bet you are wishin for Rochester . Right on protesters--it is all about greed. Shame on all the board members and no nothing Denoso-- Like how the big security guards surrounded a little elderly lady!!! Bullys1111111111

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Unfortunately, Brizard (and the other CPS honchos, including board members) act bemused at protests by the "little people." They're insulated. Ignorant, but insulated. Brizard is quite comfortable here, I'm sure.

  • CTU and other CPS Unions--and principals too--IT IS TIME TO GIVE A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE TO THE BOARD AND CEO!
    They pray at the alter of greed. They continue to destroy neighbood schools--do nothing=your school will be next.

  • CPS closed the door on the public?! When haven't they?! What town has FOX news been reporting in?!

  • Protesters disrupt Chicago Board of Education meetings?!
    Chicago Board of Education has been disrupting the Chicago Public!
    - for about 100 years!
    Read Kathryn M. Neckerman's thoroughly researched historical account, Schools Betrayed, for some background… or just read an excerpt at

  • Are there reasons why the CTU cannot open its own charter school(s)?

  • In reply to LTwain:

    Charter schools have to be approved by the Chicago Board of Education. In what alternative planet, would the BOE approve a charter for CTU?

  • @sethlevin asks " Does CTU taking over a board meeting force Rahm et al to acknowledge the community’s anger and work more cooperatively? Or does it harden their belief that CTU is petulant, out of touch and needs to be ignored? I just don’t know."

  • Rahm is about paying back his rich patrons and his corrupt buddies, like Juan Rangel. Not in Rahm's nature to be honest and own up to genuine mistakes. A hell of a lot of teachers are angry with the way CPS is run. Rahm made a mistake of hiring flunkies. It is apparent, since they don't see sunlight nor a real audience. Case and point, the poorly written benchmark exams that Jen Cheatam, dictator of instruction, is pushing on all schools. How much tax payer money is spent on a bank of poorly written exams? Too much. CTU is about fighting for a just workplace.

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