Angry Task Force Slams Closing Process

Today's news includes reactions to the closing and turnaround lists plus coverage of yesterday's meeting to scrutinize the CPS selection process (which apparently included public commentary that generated no adjustments to the criteria).

Explain how schools were picked to be closed, task force demands of CPS Sun Times:  A legislative task force Thursday demanded that Chicago Public School leaders appear before them in a public forum to explain in detail how they decided which schools to shake up because so far, CPS officials have been “blowing us off.”

Education task force slams Chicago Public Schools WBEZ:  The task force exists to gather feedback from all stake-holders in school facility related decisions. It's a bi-partisan committee made up of politicians, CPS officials and community advocates.

CPS facilities task force questions closings, turnarounds  Catalyst:  At one point at Thursday’s meeting, members grilled Laura Farr, manager of state legislative affairs at CPS, on whether any part of the guidelines were changed between the time the draft version was announced in late October and the time they were finalized on November 29. At least 60 people showed up to each of the two November hearings on the guidelines. “My understanding is that they were not,” Farr said.

Parents and community leaders protest recent CPS proposals WBEZ:  Some Chicago parents and community leaders protested Chicago Public Schools' recent proposal to close, turnaround and phase out some of the under performing schools in the district at Chicago's City Hall today.

Principal talks about his school's 'phase out' WBEZ:   Robert McMiller has been the principal of Dyett High School for a little more than two years. The school is in Chicago's South Side...

Turnaround Schools WTTW:  Parents in some Chicago neighborhoods are angry by proposed changes made by Chicago Public Schools. We discuss the ideas and more on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm.

Catalyst-Maria Proposal To Be ReviewedSouthwest News-Herald: The Board of Education meeting that took place on Nov. 16 has some residents asking, “What is going to happen to Maria High School?” Unfortunately, a definite answer cannot be given, yet.


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  • 'Let's make those years count at every school'-Glad the Trib could say one sane statement--as a principal who for years has had to take the 'rejects' the charter school kicks out or as they tell our parents: 'You don't want to go to THATschool." Shame on these charters that fail our children. We take them, we care for them, we teacher them. The charter gets the poverty money and (not) better scores or education for their children-UNO's head gets $250K annual for failure. Politics pay.

  • I's like to see the numbers comparing special needs students enrolled in charter vs. neighborhood schools. Claims are that many neighborhoods schools are doing as well as or better than charters. Are the doing it with more studetnts who require additional services and funding?

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