12 More Charters Proposed

Today's news coverage follows the announcement on Monday afternoon that 12 more charters would be proposed for CPS over the next two years.  See comments from yesterday's news roundup for the press release CPS sent out. Plus a couple other things.

CPS seeks to add a dozen charter schools Sun Times: Chicago Public School officials Wednesday will seek to add 12 charter campuses to their portfolio — including allowing one charter chain that currently oversees a low-performing CPS school to open yet another CPS charter campus in the current Maria High School building.

CPS Plans 12 New Charter Schools CNC:  Two of the charter operators have close ties to the Emanuel administration. UNO, which is led by Emanuel’s mayoral campaign co-chairman Juan Rangel, is the most politically influential Latino group in Chicago.

Chicago pushes for 12 new charter schools Tribune:The Chicago Public Schools wants to add 12 new charter schools over the next two years. School officials say the new campuses would serve 9,200 students on the West Side and South Side of Chicago.

Alderman Puts School in Limbo CNC: Ald. Nicholas Sposato (36th Ward) on Monday decided to delay a City Council vote on a zoning change request from the clout-heavy United Neighborhood Organization, which needs the legislation to proceed with its effort to build a charter school in Sposato’s ward.

Is daily recess a ‘human right’ for school kids? Sun Times: To ensure CPS kids enjoy the “human right’’ to a daily “recess” from the school work day, parents should either volunteer to oversee recess or contribute to a fund that pays for school staff to oversee it.

CPS chief Brizard faces another federal lawsuit from Rochester years Tribune: In a new lawsuit stemming from his turbulent years in Rochester, N.Y., Chicago Public Schools chief Jean-Claude Brizard is accused of ignoring a compliance order from New York's Department of Labor in 2009 to remove a long-tenured school counselor from.

Corrupt schools boss gets 18 months' probation Sun Times: The office was not involved in the Chicago Public Schools because years before Flowers was elected, the Cook County regional office of education was abolished in 1995 following a political scandal involving Supt. Richard Martwick.

Chicago City Council Profile: Ariel E. Reboyras NBC: Alderman Ariel E. Reboyras began his career as a teacher in the Chicago Public Schoolsand has dedicated his life since to public service.

Student saved by firefighters as a kid wins city sticker design Sun Times: Chicago’s heroes saved Herbert Pulgar from a kitchen disaster that left him with fourth-degree burns when he was just 4 years old. Now 15, Herbert is repaying his debt to the city’s emergency workers.

Prepaid Tuition Plan Facing Shortfall Fox: The state of Illinois' billion-dollar prepaid college tuition program has stopped selling new contracts, at the same time as a new study found the fund has a 30 percent shortfall.


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  • It looks like the beginning of the major push to outsource and privatize the schools, like the skyway and parking meters. Say, shouldn't the charter operators be paying the city millions upfront? We look forward to the day when parent calls will be taken by a customer service rep in India or the Phillipines. Please have your children's student ID number ready for the next available representative.

  • In reply to LTwain:

    12 more Disciples of Public School Destruction

  • i think we are doing this all wrong. We should be hiring Singaporean or Finnish charter operators to run our schools. Why have hamburger when you can have steak, when it comes to charter schools?

  • In reply to LTwain:

    the beginning?!

  • Any word on where all the new Noble campuses are going to be?

  • Interesting Video


  • more from catalyst on CPS's attempts to get tough on charters even as it's expanding their numbers

    As questions arise, more charters planned for Chicago | catalyst-chicago.org http://ow.ly/7ZczJ

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