TGIF! (Sort Of)

Today's news includes an update on the school zone speeding camera proposal, the union/UNO clash over a Northwest Side expansion, and the pension bill reform going on in Springfield.  There's also a strange special Board session going on for reasons I'm not entirely clear on. (It can't just be the two year PE exemption waiver, can it?) But for many of you the biggest news is that tomorrow is a non-attendance day in honor of the end of the first quarter and Friday is Veterans Day.  So today is Friday.

Revenue From Speed Cameras Could Dwarf Chicago’s Red Light Camera Program CMW:  $61 million a year in revenue is a lot of money. That’s the revenue Chicago’s red light camera program program generated in 2010.

Union, UNO Clash Over School CNC:  More than 100 people turned out for a community meeting on a new charter school proposal Tuesday night on the city’s far Northwest Side, with public school teachers pressing freshman Ald. Nicholas Sposato (36th Ward) to block the plan put forward by one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s staunch allies.

Pension Bill Moves Forward, But Fate Uncertain CNC: The legislation, which would require current state workers, teachers, university personnel, General Assembly members and judges to pay more for their retirement benefits, move into a 401K-type system or work longer to receive higher retirement pay, had not changed much since it was first introduced in May.

Young artist gives back; teaches kids Defender: Once a student at a South Side art gallery-studio years ago, a local artist spend several afternoons each week at the same place giving back to current students.

College-bound and undocumented? Make sure your counselor knows your options Medill: While undocumented students wait for the implementation of the Illinois DREAM Act, here is a round-up of resources for those providing support to the students.

State boards — good work if you get it Sun Times: Twelve of the 13 members of the Illinois Human Rights Commission receive $46,960 annually plus health and pension benefits, or about three-fourths the median salary of a full-time state worker.

Justice Joy Cunningham's Sprint ToMake History As The First Black Female ... ChicagoNow: he has also done a lot of work for her church preparing wills and powers of attorney for seniors. She is a mother of one son enrolled in the Chicago Public Schools.

Message from a slain child's phone — no words to describe it John Kass: Kelli O'Laughlin attended high school with my sons. It is a big school, and they are a grade ahead, and from a different town, and didn't know her. But they mourned her.

Northwestern Community Development Corps event focuses on education gaps in Chicago Public Schools Daily Northwestern: The panel, which focused on educational challenges for Chicago area youth, included Marcus Campbell, the director for student supports and racial equity at Evanston Township High School, and Maddie Orenstein (SESP ‘10), a college and career coach at Carl Schurz High School.




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  • A day without students doesn't mean teachers can relax. Thursday is not a day off. Far from it. Teachers have to enter grades and complete report cards. A massive task, especially for HS teachers with as many as 150 students. Couple this with the sssllllooooowwww speed of IMPACT and it'll be even worse.

    Unfortunately, most of the day will dedicated to weak PD and principal speeches instead of what teachers really need to do.

    Thank God I retired last year. Listening to my former principal ramble on PD days was the worst.

  • Current CTU members, SB512 came out of committee by a 5-4 vote and will now go to the House for a vote. SB512 will require current CTU members to pay more for your retirement benefits or require you to move into a 401K-type system or you will have to work longer to receive your retirement pay! Please call your State Representative and State Senator now and tell them to vote NO on SB512.

  • Great idea RP - if anyone doesn't know their rep, they can go to the Illinois State Board of Elections Website, type in their address, or search by zip code and up pops the reps…easy as 1,2,3. Vote no on SB512

  • here's a view that the pension reforms are going in the right direction from the fordham foundation -- some of you won't agree

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Fordham Foundation, ummmmmm the technocrat, deformer, and privatization's best friend. Alex, must be a slow news day!!!!

  • work study scheme gets northside clerk arrested

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    a pittance compared to what rahm, brizard and cps have stolen and are currently planing to steal from chicago's children, teachers, police, organized labor in general,- jobs, pensions, security, wages, etc

    I could care less about the mug shot of a two-bit crook

  • A clerk overcharged kids on sports teams. Surprisingly easy way to make money.

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