State Releases Detailed Charter Data

Today's news includes new information about Chicago's charter schools showing that performance varies widely and services to special populations is low but but student mobility is generally low. Plus a few other things:

Report finds charters struggling like other CPS schools Tribune:  The dismal numbers are part of a new set of school report cards the state is releasing to the public Wednesday, results sure to reignite the debate over education reform one day beforeChicago Public Schools is expected to release its long-awaited list.

Chicago charter schools produce wildly uneven results on state tests Sun Times: Chicago charter school franchises produced wildly uneven results — even among different campuses of the same chain — on state achievement test data released Wednesday for the first time in more than a decade.

Charter school campuses get state report cards Catalyst: Compared to the district average, charters have lower percentages of students in bilingual education or with disabilities.The mobility rate at charter schools is far lower than the district average of 17 percent.

Historic Bronzeville high school begins trip toward possible landmark status WBEZ:  DuSable High School, an expansive late Art Deco edifice with an impressive alumni roster that ranges from jazz singer Dinah Washington to Soul Train impresario Don Cornelius, will be recommended for preliminary landmark status this week.

With 88 sessions for its students, CPS tests more than the standard Medill Reports: Students in the district can expect to sit through at least 88 sessions of standardized testing between third and eighth grade.

Teachers Add Math Concepts to Preschool Activities WSJ:  The Early Mathematics Education Project at Erikson Institute, a nonprofit graduate school in child development, has already trained about 300 Chicago preschool and kindergarten teachers at 150 schools, funded by grants from local foundations and Chicago Public Schools.

Oak Park schools' chief weighs in on the longer school day debate Wednesday Journal: Editor's Note: In light of the Chicago Public Schools' move to extend its school day, Wednesday Journal broached the topic of longer days for kids with Albert Roberts, superintendent of District 97. Simply extending the school day for ..

School district upset over proposed Sears legislation WBEZ: Sears corporate headquarters sits in School District 300, and the district wants any new tax incentives to have new stipulations. After wrestling their way into a seat at the tax bill's bargaining table, the district emerged feeling good about the verbal negotiations.

School closings, the law, and alternatives CMW:  Supporters of schools facing closing could file freedom of information requests for documentation that these steps have been taken, Moore suggests.  CPS failure to comply would constitute grounds for independent hearing officers to determine that the district hasn’t met legal requirements to close the school.

U. of C. Laboratory Schools gets $5M gift Tribune: Sherry Lansing: 'It's truly the most wonderful school in the world' Former student Sherry Lansing, now one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood, is donating $5 million to support a new arts wing at The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.

CPS names a record 10 schools for turnaround WBEZ:  Linda Lutton goes in depth on the latest school news on Eight Forty-Eight with host Alison Cuddy.



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  • Charter schools have MIXED RESULTS? What's mixed about 72% of the Charters performing worse that the traditional public schools? That's not a whole lot of mix.

  • Oh... Tribune, Sun-Times, Local NPR, and dear Alex would say it was mixed!

  • Assessments, of really dubious quality and that stop instruction, given to students, are ultimately used to bash teachers and schools. It takes the focus off the great ineptitude of Mayor Rahm's "Titanic" captains. I can't believe anyone can take serious any comment by Rahm or Brizard and his PR team about their non-research based "turn around" plans. Why is obvious questioned?!!!

  • 72% of the Chicago Charter schools suck! No wonder they've been hiding their scores! And now they don't have to publish their financial records…what are they hiding from now?

  • This quote stood out : "Andrew Broy, president of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, acknowledged that maybe a dozen underperforming charter schools are in need of "substantial actions" that may include closing. But simply looking at how many students have met state benchmarks is not a fair assessment, he said; a more important indicator is student growth over time."
    Hmmm.... sorry , Mr. Broy , but if the rest of CPS doesn't get judged by growth, neither will you .

  • here's a (pro-charter) column about DC's new charter school report cards -- sounds like it might offer some features beyond what CPS offers

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