School Closing Countdown

Prosecutors want Blago to get 15 years, and the school closing hit list is supposed to come out today under the new law that requires CPS to give earlier notice of its intentions than in the past.  Who's on the list?  The Board has certainly started telling political and community leaders, and maybe even telling schools.  Check in the comments for rumors, news reports, and all the rest.


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  • In Britain, up to two million public sector workers have launched the country’s first mass strike in more than 30 years. A coalition of 30 trade unions has organized approximately 1,000 demonstrations and rallies across the country

    It will happen here.

  • Our school is going to be "phased out." They're going to let us know as of Feb. 22 if we still have jobs.

  • Sorry, I should have said what school. It's Crane Tech Prep High School.

  • the list is coming out at 4 says the tribune's joel hood

    CPS to announce school closings this afternoon -


    Schools being considered for closure include:
    · Simon Guggenheim Elementary School, 7141 S. Morgan St., which has been on academic probation for 5 consecutive years and has been listed as the lowest performing school in the state. Guggenheim students performed 22 percentage points lower on the ISAT composite than the average composite of all other elementary schools in its area.
    · Florence B. Price, 4351 S Drexel Blvd., which has been on academic probation for 4 consecutive years. Price students performed 19 percentage points lower on the ISAT composite than the average composite of all other elementary schools in its area.

    Phase-outs being closed: 3 schools, 127 students

    Three additional schools that have already been in the phase-out process due to low performance, will be closed this year. In addition to having chronic low performance when the phase-out process began, these schools have low enrollment or no enrollment, making closure the best option to provide existing students with the resources and teaching staff they need to succeed. Attendance boundaries for these phase-out schools were already reassigned to other schools under previous board actions. These schools include:

    · Julia C. Lathrop Elementary School, 1440 S. Christiana Ave., 83 students
    · Walter Reed Elementary School, 6350 S. Stewart Ave., 44 students
    · Best Practice High School, 2040 W. Adams St., 0 students

    Phase-outs: 2 schools, 950 students

    In addition, two phase-outs are being proposed which would impact 950 students. In a phase-out, existing students may remain enrolled at the school, but the school will not enroll any new students and will decrease by one grade level per year. Incoming freshman students who live in the current boundary for either school will be reassigned to a higher performing neighboring high school. Schools being considered for phase-out include:

    · Walter H. Dyett High School, 555 E. 51st St., which has been on academic probation for 7 consecutive years.
    · Richard T. Crane Technical Preparatory High School, 2245 W. Jackson Blvd., which has been on academic probation for 10 consecutive years.

    Incoming freshmen that would have gone to Dyett would now attend Phillips High School, an AUSL turnaround school. The majority of incoming freshmen that would have attended Crane will be reassigned to Wells High School.

    Co-locations: 3 schools, 1292 students

    CPS is also proposing co-locations of charter schools within existing traditional CPS schools that are under-enrolled and have the capacity to hold additional students. These co-locations will provide students with access to high quality school options within neighborhoods on the South and West Sides. Proposed co-locations include:

    · ACT (KIPP) charter school within Henry H. Nash Elementary School, 4837 W. Erie St.
    · Chi Arts High School within James R. Doolittle Jr. Elementary School (Doolittle East), 535 E. 35th St.
    · Talent Development within Richard T. Crane Technical Preparatory High School, 2245 W. Jackson Blvd.

    Proposals for school action will be communicated to parents on December 1, as required by SB 630, which has now become law. Elected officials and LSC members will be fully briefed as well. Detailed informational packets will be delivered to every member of the school staff and every parent/guardian including all the specifics about the proposal, the public hearings and community meetings, and the new educational options available to students. Parents will also receive a letter detailing the proposed school action and what it means for their child. CPS staff will be available to answer parent questions at the school as well as through the CPS Quality Schools Hotline at 773-553-5020.

    There will also be significant opportunity for the parents and the public to provide feedback on any proposed school actions, including a formal public hearing - and, for closures and phase-outs, two additional community meetings. Parents, community members and the public can comment on the proposals during these meetings in January and February. CPS will evaluate the testimony presented and careful consider the issues raised during these meetings prior to presenting final recommendations to the Chicago Board of Education for a vote.

    In addition, parents and stakeholders can provide feedback through the CPS website, emails and by attending Board of Education meetings in December, January and February.

    More information on the School Actions process can be found at the cps website by visiting

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    I don't care about no of y'all every kid who graduated out of lathrop loved lathrop even the kids who didn't graduate out of lathrop

  • ctu response via PURE

  • From Catalyst: "Days after announcing a record number of school turnarounds, CPS leaders said Wednesday that they will shutter just four schools—yet emphasized that they wanted to close more. What stopped them: a dearth of higher-achieving schools to send students to, a commitment the district had made to parents.

    “It is devastating,” said CEO Jean-Claude Brizard regarding the lack of better schools for students whose low-performing schools will be closed. “It is painful.”

    --- Huh?

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  • I feel like every person who had there head up for closin my school julia c lathrop is so slow and dumb for that because that school taught me a lot of things just because we didn't have a lot of kids in our school didn't mean any thing at scores is what really matter and are scores was better than Johnson and lawn dale I hate that I been at julia c lathrop on Christiana since i was in pre school and I wanted to graduate out of that school to and lathrop taught each and every person something new every single day that was like a second home to a lot of people and sometimes it felt like our first home I love it there and while they teach you in call you have fun with it and when we do something good we all as a school have a big dance or party or something that is fun every body knew very body in that school every called each other sisters brothers mamas friend and every thing it was like one big happy family n that school and all the teachers who took there time to teach every one is
    Mrz Larkin
    Mr.wienstien, etc every single last teacher who worked at lathrop I will never for get Julia c lathrop.

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