School Closing Alternatives

Today's news focuses on community groups' ideas for improving the school closing process:

Community groups offer plan to counter school closings WBEZ: Chicago Public Schools is expected to announce this year’s list of schools to be closed in the coming days. It will be the first round of closings overseen by...

Community groups unite against coming school closings Tribune: A week before Chicago Public Schools is set to announce its list of school closings and consolidations this year, nine neighborhood groups said they are uniting to fight shutdowns of poor-performing schools in their communities.

Chicago plans to close or consolidate 20 percent of schools, teachers union ... Medill Reports: Chicago: CPS  will close, merge, or phase out up to 20 percent of all district schools in the next two years, Norine Gutekanst, organizing director of the Chicago Teachers Union, predicts.

Lake Forest Sexting Scandal WTTW:  Lake Forest middle school principal John Steinert is forced to resign in a sexting scandal. Now, his 2009 conviction is raising questions about others who knew about what he did. We hear from the reporter who broke the story.

The Case Against Public Schools NBC: Do you know why the dropout rate in the Chicago Public Schools is 45 percent? Because people don't value anything they get for free.

CPS CEO meets with LGBT leadersWindy City Times: CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard sat down with LGBT leaders Nov. 21 to discuss issues facing LGBT youth in school.



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  • AFT president randi weingarten toured king HS with CTU president karen lewis and catalyst was there to see about the "instructional rounds" that teachers do

  • Just read the post Alexander links to above from Karen Lewis's good friend Edward McClelland. On the CTU website right now you can find one of his posts--"Karen Lewis and Arne Duncan Will Never Get Along"--in which he cozies up to Karen after her flap last week. You know. The one in which it was the Right-Wing Anti-Public Education crowd's fault that Karen got caught running her big fat mouth.

    Well this week, McClelland has a post entitled "The Case Against Public Schools." (See hyperlink above.) In it, he writes, in part

    "If we eliminate funding for public schools, we can ensure that those who want and deserve an education receive much better schooling than they’re getting now. Parents can spend money that would have paid for public education to educate their children as they see fit. And my next tax refund check will be big enough to pay for a new lawnmower."

    Maybe the CTU will highlight this latest commentary on their website, too. After all, what are friends for?

  • Edward is just another proponent of the "business" model for education. The model where children have become "products", teachers have become "human capital" and learning is gauged by "value added performance metrics". A model where all is fair in the name of "efficiency", like Wal-mart. You know....the "don't buy American, because paying a child cents on the hour in a third-world country is more "efficient", model. The model where money (and its dispersal) supersedes the needs of the children. Yes, the model where opportunistic for-profit entities, such as some charter operators swoop in and feast on the dead carcass of "under performing" schools and regurgitate it's contents into a "high quality seat" for neighborhood children, that model. The one where superintendents are now C.E.O.'s, yes that model. Finally, the model that lacks another "e" word - EFFECTIVENESS.

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