Report Cards Don't Include *What?*

Today's news includes a story from WBEZ about how the new CPS report cards don't actually include ISAT scores or ratings.  Much was made about how transparent and accountable the new report card system was going to be.  Seems hard to do that without including key test score information.  Plus other news.

School report cards don't report ISAT scores WBEZ:  Chicago is handing out new report cards to each of its schools. The grades are meant to spark discussion between parents and schools about how to improve.

Teachers' union finally draws blood in fight over longer school day, year Crain's:  CTU makes a pretty good case that the questionnaire gets into forbidden territory that, intentionally or not, approaches union-busting.There's no reason to ask such a question unless your real intention is to build a workforce that will defect from hard-line union leaders.

Union to announce deal with CPS on longer school day Tribune: The Chicago Teachers Union has called a news conference at noon Friday to discuss details of an agreement reached with Chicago Public Schools over the longer school day issue.

Youth Homelessness on the Rise in Chicago CNC:  More than 10,000 homeless students are enrolled in Chicago’s classrooms this fall, a 16 percent increase over last year and a record high, according to Chicago Public Schools data for September.

CTU and CPS Agree on Longer School Day Fox: The Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools have reached an agreement on a longer school day.

Humboldt Park youth become community change-makers through Stay in School ... Medill Reports: Of the 330 seniors who participated in the program last year, 93 percent graduated from high school, compared to the Chicago Public Schools graduation rate of 58.3 percent.

Lindblom Selective Enrollment HS and Academic Centerd cpsobsessed: Since Lindblom (SE high school and AC) was noted for their strong rise in the Sun Times’ new High School ranking AND because the principal is a reader and poster here, I figured they’re a good candidate to go first.

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  • Question?  I have a few questions for my colleagues on this Blog.  Please provide your support:

    How many times are students allowed to take the Benchmark Test?  Are students allowed to continue taking the test until they pass?  Do these tests take 3 to 4 weeks to complete?

    Tell me what you think about this:
    Fifth Grade Math
    In 2010 (Fourth):  56.1
    In 2011 (Fifth):  93.2
    Fifth Grade Reading
    In 2010 (Fourth):  38.6
    In 2011 (Fifth):  79.5
    Seventh Grade Math:
    In 2010 (Sixth):  48.9
    In 2011 (Seventh):  81.4
    As an entire school on the ISAT Test:
    In 2010:  47.7
    In 2011:  60.7
    No intense instruction has taken place, administration has no control over the student body, and teachers have taken an excessive amount of benefit days off as a result of the administration not taking control over the student body.

    Is it permissible for the Principal not to present a school budget to the LSC?  The last time one has been seen was 14 months ago.

    Is an administrator allowed to fraternize with his faculty or staff members according to CPS policy?  If this takes place, what are the ramifications?  Are there ramifications according to CPS policy?

    What can happen to a teacher or administrator if they are caught forging standardized test scores?

    The practices listed above are things I saw take place in a CPS school.  Tell me what you guys think or advise me because I seriously need it.  This is not right that this foolishness is taking place in a CPS school.

  • "Fascinating (probably productive) disowning by CPS of its state tests." (from @sethlavin)

  • in case you hadn't noticed, the measures used for the report cards and the school closing don't match up

    edweek's cathering gewertz wondered why and went to CPS to get an answer of sorts about the difference between transparency (report cards) and accountability (closure measures)

  • Just read it…Cheatham's answers were less than impressive

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Dear Ms. Cheatham, Where are the pacing guides for your Common Core Standard Benchmark exams. Less than professional! Par for your record!

  • more from catalyst about the gaps between state ISAT scores and what's now being presented to CPS parents

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