Report Card Sneak Peek

Here's a spreadsheet version of the report card dataset, which might or might not be any more accurate or complete than the map version from yesterday but is perhaps easier to look at or use:

Chicago Public Schools - Progress Report Cards (2011-2012)

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  • What are these new report cards for? Informing parents? of what? the results of a survey? an opinion pole? and who decided what 'ambitious' instruction is? and who is the brainchild of this negative campaign? who designed this junk! what is his/her name? and how much were they paid? and who got the ink contract? one ink cartridge alone cost a fortune…this is nearly a half-million prints! and the EXPLOR test? please don't tell me that they predict college readiness - they can't even predict tomorrows weather accurately, but they can somehow forecast 8 years from now based on a test that nobody has paid attention to…the only accurate indicator for college readiness is ability to pay for it! This is a whole lot of taxpayer money allocated to slamming teachers! And how much money does the EXPLOR test cost? this has got to be the most expensive palm-reading scam of the century…

    And when are teachers finally going to say that enough is enough! they are already working without the 4% raise and larger class-sizes…and every single day CPS is devising large scale public attacks…

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