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#chicagopublicschools       I'm at the Progressive Education Network conference today -- just finished listening to a good panel on "bringing progressive ideas to greater numbers of students" (ie, public schools and districts).  It included someone from Social Justice in Little Village and from Namaste, a SW side charter school.  Anyone else from CPS here?  I'm not sure.  There are some interesting people moving back and forth between public and private schools, bringing progressive ideas with them, and a few hybrid kinds of institutions that are public, progressive, and serve a diverse group of kids.  Of course there are still pockets of progressive education in public schools, too, both well-known and somewhat secret.


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    This is terrible. How can people take a job that goes against everything they believe? Is there a transcript , video or audio of this meeting?

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    Headache 299
    Easy! In Chicago, by appointment!

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    I would love to know more about these two men. Do you have tangible evidence that they said this or feel like this? What does the part of your comment ...."and is in the 90's" mean?

  • What call? Who got a robo call from Rahm? "Thanks Rahm--you will stop at nothing. And your robo call today about you vs Karen Lewis of CTU was crass and distastedful. Anyone who gets these calls--please answer in favor of the teachers, not Rahm." - comment at Catalyst

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    Yeah, there's a number of us here, and several of the board members who organized the conference are CPS teachers.

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    nice -- what did you think? i had to leave early. seemed like mostly private school people (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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    I don't respond well to city on a hill type visions, but once we pushed deeper than that, there were a ton of amazing people and educators there. They have great ideas on challenging our nation's poor assessment practice, and are individually doing a lot of best practice in their schools.
    I'd like to see a little more attention to diversity and collaboration with communities fighting to get the same agency in their children's education that the participants children and students already enjoy.

    That being said, I have one litmus test: Our students from Gage Park loved the experience and so I'm infinitely grateful to the organizers for that.

    If you feel like it, you might want to highlight this thoughtful blog post on the event (contrasting it w/the Daley event):

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    Please look into what urban daddy wrote about. I hate hypocrites!

  • Will CPS really get rid of poor administrators? I really think the poor principal issue is really overlooked. I have been in schools a few block apart and the atmosphere is totally different and it is solely due to administrative competency. Even when more than half of the staff leaves a school CPS blames the staff instead of investigating the real reason and that is simple, "Whack Job Administrators"

    Only in CPS can you have the following:

    an adminstrator praying over the intercom after the pledge
    an administrator playing the Mexican national anthem instead of the pledge
    administrators spending hundred of thousands of dollars on private spa type washrooms
    an administrator who decrees no long earrings, open toed shoes, jeans, pants with stripes, or sleeveless blouses even when the CAO team enters wearing flip flops
    an administrator who orders the staff to only eat food from the lunchroom-"teachers are nutritional models"
    an administrator who states that if any teacher is absent then no one receives their prep period
    an administrator who closes down the copying facility/computer lab because he is meeting privately with an aide every morning...when the two teachers grieved it, they were written up...local scandal
    an administrator ( mentally ill ) who locks her self in her office and refuses to meet with teachers because...well, just, because
    administrators who condone student violence against teachers by allowing incorrectly placed special education students to run rampant-teachers are getting hit, bit, and spit at on a daily basis
    administrators who just take over pre-K monies and special education monies with no fear of reprisals
    administrators who allow active gang members to speak at rallies in the school

    and my personal favorite is the administrator who issued a teacher a video recorder and ordered her to video tape the drug dealers on the corner in front of the school because he was afraid of the dealers' pit bulls

    Oh Yeah! CPS you hire the strangest people to become administrators.

  • Hilarious! We need a site like the terrible bosses website - you can't write comedy this well. That's why it's tragedy.

  • How about good ol' Columbia Explorers?

    1. Seven different APs in ten years. Same Principal throughout.
    2. Sexual misconduct on Principal’s part. Yes, he has been sued and brought before EEOC. Board deems him untouchable.
    3. Financial improprieties abound. Why would a Principal meet behind closed doors with a vendor and no witnesses present? To collect his kickback of course.
    4. Principal’s office modern artwork has sexual overtones. One sculpture has naked body parts. For God’s sake, children go into that office for disciplinary issues.
    5. Constant teacher turnover. 30% annually
    6. He and his APs park in a handicap lot next to the building. I am handicapped and had to park in the lot across the street.
    7. Clerks run the school and have no respect for any other professional, paraprofessional or any human being that walks into office.
    8. Employees are slaves, unless of course you are one of the selected few. Everybody is expected to volunteer for the many after school extras. The end of the year celebration is a perfect example of this. Tickets are sold for cash only. A few staff members are handed cash for their “volunteer services.”
    9. Two APs and the least favorite gets 95% of the work. Of course, the Principal does not do a thing. Honestly, I don’t think he knows how to do his job.
    10. The Principal is threatened by any professional who knows their job and can do it effectively. They are the first on his chopping block.

  • In reference to #9, anyone will tell you it's because the other AP is his mis......well, let's not go there.

  • Our former principal who was married had/still has, an inappropriate relationship with a staff member. She received any extra monies that he could get away with such as mentor monies, after school monies and tons of comp time. They used to closet themselves in his office and were unavailable for long periods of time. Fortunately, both have moved on but one is still with sad.

  • The Inspector General only works if called.

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