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CPS's Newfangled Principal Training Program

CPS announced a new $1o million “leadership collaborative” to train principals today, along with an advisory committee including all sorts of people like April Goble (pictured), head of KIPP Chicago.  The effort will increase the number of principal residency spots to 100.  (Anyone have a resident in their building or know someone going through the... Read more »

Lewis Fuels Own Scandal Story

Nearly everyone in public life — including Rahm Emanuel, Arne Duncan — has made verbal gaffes at some point or other, and most of the time the following controversy comes and goes pretty quickly.  That’s what was probably about to happen with the Lewis video after she apologized to Duncan late on Monday.  She had... Read more »

Comparing Old ISATs To New Ratings

I really wish that Chicago Schools Wonk Seth Lavin @sethlavin would post his weekly roundup of local education news on a blog — ideally *this* one — rather than via email (so 1995!).  But until that happens I’ll continue to copy and paste it here, with his permission, highlighting what I think is the most... Read more »

Watch Out, Grand Boulevard, Austin!

Today is a Board meeting day, and one of the items under consideration is making CPS a system in which everyone applies to go to school rather than just registering.  Plus, more on school closing possibilities from Catalyst.  And a few other things. CPS May Require Applications CNC:  If the Board adopts the resolution, the district... Read more »

Charter School Rally @UIC

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This is from late October but I just came across it now — roughly 5,000 charter supporters gathered at UIC.  “If the national SOS rally in D.C. brought out barely 5,000 people, the fact that 5,000 parents and charter supporters came out on a Saturday in the City Chicago is further evidence that giving parents... Read more »

Report Card Sneak Peek

Here’s a spreadsheet version of the report card dataset, which might or might not be any more accurate or complete than the map version from yesterday but is perhaps easier to look at or use: Chicago Public Schools – Progress Report Cards (2011-2012)

Kinder, Gentler Closings?

Today’s other news besides the new report cards includes a story from Catalyst about the latest school closing criteria, an update from a recent report about merging teacher observations and teacher value-added scores (also from Catalyst), and of course the Lewis apology (which has gone national, BTW). Teacher evaluation pilot shows promise Catalyst:  The researchers found... Read more »

Report Card Rollout

Watch out! The new CPS school report cards are out online in advance of report card pickup tomorrow and Thursday, and they’re variously described as dismal, confusing, inaccurate, and ghetto.  Take a look and let us know what you think about the new information. New CPS ‘progress reports’ could confuse parents Sun Times: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Schools CEO... Read more »

Karen Lewis Live, Uncensored

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I hate to start the week this way but here’s a video clip of CTU president Karen Lewis pacing the stage and going off about a variety of topics including offensive cartoons published in the Tribune and Arne Duncan’s speech impediment (about which I have long asked the Duncan press team but never received any... Read more »

Common Core, Value-Added, NAEP

Today’s news includes a WBEZ story about Common Core, a CNC story about teacher evaluation, and a Tribune recap of the Consortium report debunking much of Chicago’s “progress” over the past couple of decades.  Insiders may have long known that the test score increases weren’t all that they were touted to be, but I think... Read more »