No Dough For "Lousy" Principals

Meeks is out, "lousy" principals must be replaced (good ones get extra money), and it's cold out. That's the education news of the day.  I still want to hear how PD went yesterday, and whether you've seen Brizard out and about apparently he's doing meetings with all sorts of groups and schools.

The Rev. James Meeks won't run for re-election to state Senate Sun-Times: In 2008, Meeks led a highly publicized boycott of Chicago's public schools that included protests at New Trier High School, which ended with another promise from Blagojevich to talk about the state of education funding in Illinois.

As Chicago launches bonus pay for principals, studies show no impact on student achievement WBEZ: Merit pay is a hot topic in education right now. WBEZ checked in with one of the country’s foremost researchers on the issue to put Chicago’s new principal bonus program into context.

$20,000 bonuses possible for Chicago principals CBS2: Principals will be able to earn $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000 bonuses for improving student test scores in reading and math, closing achievement gaps or lowering dropout rates this year.

Brizard: ‘Lousy’ Principals Must Be Replaced CBS2:  The head of the Chicago Public Schools says officials will replace a substantial number of principals, in an effort to help address the problem of poor performance in the most impoverished areas of the city.

Head of principals' group: We oppose merit pay Tribune:  The head of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association said Thursday that her members don’t support merit pay and efforts to reward them with bonuses for student achievement.

CPS To Phase In P.E. At High Schools Again CBS2: As part of its plans for a longer school day at the Chicago Public Schools, physical education classes will be phased back in for all high school juniors and seniors.

Parents support South Loop Elementary School Principal at school council meeting Journal: At the meeting, Shelton said phasing out the gifted program was the decision, “least disruptive to our families” that she and CPS could agree to.

East Chicago Schools Take Away Students’ Laptops After Robberies Tribune:  Students in East Chicago, Ind., have suddenly found themselves unplugged from the laptop computers they had been given last winter.

Name game gives Mpls. schools a CEO Minneapolis Star Tribune: A retired US Army lieutenant colonel, Mills came to Minneapolis from the CPS, where he last worked as a chief area officer/area superintendent for 26 high schools that experienced marked academic growth under his leadership.


Students as young as 7 riding public transportation to school alone Medill Reports: CPS students use public transportation, such as the buses at the congested 95th Street stop and the Wilson Red Line, to get to and from school.

Suburban Teacher Wins National Award: This year's Illinois recipient of the Milken National Educator award went to a very surprised teacher in the northwest suburbs.

Ounce of Prevention Fund garners $3 million for birth-to-5 program quality Catalyst: The money will help the group train and coach teachers, program directors and family outreach workers at four of CPS’s  Community Partnership Program sites, which are child care centers that receive state Early Childhood Block Grant.

Chicago moves closer to getting speed-enforcement cameras Sun Times:  The proposal that only applies to Chicago passed 64-50 and was billed by its backers as a tool to improve pedestrian safety, particularly among children.“We can protect our children.


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  • Brizard: "Lousy' Principals Must Be Replaced. Lousy CEOs should also be replaced.

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  • A lot of heads rolling. This is what happens when you incentivize superintendency. Decisions are made to reach bonuses.

  • great comment from a SPED teacher about how to get and keep a school's attention -- and a school recommendation, too

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