CTU Prez Better In Person?

Carol Felsenthal's Chicago Magazine's interview with Karen Lewis tries to present a balanced view of the embattled CTU president, noting that she's funny and smart, "“substantial, self-confident, direct” -- despite all the fights and flip-flops and legal battles and the observation that the camera doesn't favor her (ouch).  Take a look and let me know if you learn anything new, think Felsenthal does a fair job, and if there's really such a big difference between Lewis in the news and in person.


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  • [comment removed let's focus on job performance and first-hand experiences]

  • In reply to jack:

    I guess PR don't count. Apparently, though, the Atty. Gen., after the case was referred to her by the SELRB, did her job and brokered a settlement.

  • anniesullivan

    Karen Lewis is bright, articulate and ethical. This is something we have not always had in CTU. I met her when Debbie Lynch was in office and she was impressive, as was Debbie. There are many bright caring teachers in CPS but the media is not interested in the positive.
    She has surrounded herself with people who want to improve the schools. The media needs to do fair in-depth reporting instead of drinking the caustic Kool-aid spewed forth from the buffoons in central office

  • part 2 of the interview, in which lewis discusses obama, pesky unions, and leaving king HS


  • There's nothing new in the interview that we haven't seen elsewhere, and Felsenthal's compliments were rather back-handed, but the premise that Karen is both a thoughtful and charismatic person is true. (I suppose it would be so for most persons: There is depth beyond the superficialty of public image.)

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