Charter School Rally @UIC

This is from late October but I just came across it now -- roughly 5,000 charter supporters gathered at UIC.  "If the national SOS rally in D.C. brought out barely 5,000 people, the fact that 5,000 parents and charter supporters came out on a Saturday in the City Chicago is further evidence that giving parents higher-quality options is the future," noted one of the event organizers.


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  • Phoenix Rising

    In my simple mind the charter school surge can be explained quite easily They are no more than a rebirth of the Parochial School System with public financing.Concerned parents who cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars in tuition can opt to send their kids to charter schools.

    Except for taxpayer support these charter schools are strikingly similar to parish schools, they offer the same illusion of child safety , by
    not letting them in, scores are average because the dumb and broken are kicked out.It also seems these charter schools are maintaining the old practice of assuring ethnic identification.

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