Brizard's First School Closing Season

Today's news includes some stories about the coming wave of school closures (and attempts to change the results) as well as a bit more about the NCLB waiver process. Illinois was not among the first dozen states to apply for a waiver, but is scheduled to do so in early 2012.


Championing neighborhood schools CMW:  The endorsers include groups that have long histories of involvement with schools... Their recommendations flow from their extensive experience.


Nine Austin schools meet CPS criteria for shutdown Parents Furious Over Sexting 'Cover-Up' Fox:  Now, parents want Superintendent Harry Griffith to resign, too.


Emanuel’s Point Man on School Closings Prepares to Release List CNC: The son of Filipino immigrants, Sicat grew up in Santa Ana, Calif., where he said his parents had to game the system to get him into a good public school.

Emanuel, Madigan work on their relationship Crain's:  So far, Mr. Emanuel has done well in Springfield. Notable wins for the mayor include a law authorizing a longer school day and a measure letting the city put traffic cameras near schools.

Teachers union in Puerto Rico wants to keep charter schools out of the country WBEZ: In 2008, teachers in Puerto Rico joined with students and parents in an island-wide, 10-day strike decrying the state of education. The shutdown was a historic one, as it's against the law in Puerto Rico for teachers to strike.

Chicago teens get on their soapbox WBEZ:  Some 1,500 students across Chicago have been practicing their public speaking recently in classrooms around the city. It's all part of a competition organized by the Mikva Challenge.

NCLB waiver leads states to toughen teacher evaluations WBEZ:  President Barack Obama's recent use of executive authority to revise the No Child Left Behind education law is one of several factors driving a trend toward using student test scores, classroom observation and potentially even input from students.

Suburban teacher accused of computer tampering, inflating athletes’ grades Sun Times: An Antioch Community High School teacher is accused of tampering with the school’s computers and changing the grades of dozens of students.

Cash-Strapped Cities, Schools Say: 'Your Ad Here' ABC7: Chicago selling advertising on iconic bridges as city tries to close $600M budget hole.


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  • Does Chicago also invest in TFA interns like this? (from Catalyst)

  • It seems the entire discussion of school closings is based on the idea that it's a school's complete responsibility that its students are not meeting state standards. Do smart adults really believe a high-poverty urban school, without significant wrap-around services and resources, can "produce" the demanded results? It just seems to be framed wrong by CPS. So, the CPS solutions are wrong.

  • No one can ever say all or none, but there is definitely something wrong at a school that has no high achieving students.

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