Big Bonuses For Principals

Today's news includes more details about the principal bonus plan and about proposed new teacher evaluation measures from the state, plus some unfortunate adult and teen sexting in the 'burbs.

$20,000 bonuses possible for Chicago principals WBEZ:  Principals will be able to earn $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000 bonuses for improving student test scores in reading and math, closing achievement gaps or lowering dropout rates this year. The more a school improves, the bigger the principal’s bonus.

Student progress to figure in state's teachers and principal evaluations Sun Times:  The class of award-winning teacher Bradley Abel of Hersey HS in Arlington Heights.

Three teens charged in nude photo case Sun Times:  The students at Oak Park-River Forest High School were charged with a misdemeanor count of distribution of harmful material, Oak Park Detective Cmdr. Ladon Reynolds said.

‘Sexting’ suburban principal resigns Sun Times:A Lake Forest middle school principal resigned after a report that he sent nearly 50 text messages and photos — including a photo of his penis — to a former Lake Forest police intern in 2008.

Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review WTTW:  Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis comes under fire again, this time for making what she called “inappropriate and insensitive” remarks about Education

Steps needed to correct deftness deficit at the CTU Tribune: Speed traps In light of the mayor's decision to dot Chicago with speed traps, we, as residents, are asked to pony up and feed the city's coffers once again. Why is there not a strong effort to reduce city, county and state spending to a reasonable...

Kirk and Durbin call for allergy meds in every school WBEZ:   Illinois' two U.S. senators are proposing federal legislation to protect students with severe allergies. Earlier this year, the state of Illinois passed a law allowing school nurses to give epinephrine, or an epi-pen, to any student having an allergic attack. The drug quickly reduces symptoms in severe allergic reactions.

2 Chicago-area students are Rhodes Scholars Tribune: Two suburban women, one from Lemont who graduated from Northwestern University and the other from Algonquin, have been named Rhodes Scholars.

Public schools are failing the most gifted students Sun Times:  Just days after that report was released, the Chicago Public Schools announced that South Loop Elementary School will be cutting its entire gifted program.


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  • jim broadway thinks that the new teacher evaluation setup is going to be a mess because each district will come up with its own system, among other things

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Yes ISBE is punting all the hard issues to local school districts and they will likely be looking at creating evaluation systems that cost the least since they are mostly broke. CPS may be the exception in this regard I noticed that at its Sept 28 meeting the CPS Board approved paying $328,000 and another $100,000 in Joyce Foundation money to U of Wisconsin for value added test score analysis (11-0928-PR11). So I have little doubt the total cost for implementing the new evaluation system will be extensive.

    Rod Estvan

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