White House Honors Healthy CPS Schools

"Alex Roman, 12, a student at Chicago's Walsh Elementary School, was honored by First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday, at an event to highlight schools and students who have taken up healthier eating and exercise habits." Here's video and a link to the event via Lynn Sweet (Sun Times):

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  • Kids get what 20 minutes to scarf down their lunches in CPS? HA even if they were absolutely the healthiest lunches (which they are not) this is unhealthy - what are you going to do about that one? CPS brown bags are the WORST ever

  • In reply to AwareMom:

    "20 minutes to scarf down their lunches"

    Er..."scarf down" would be two minutes. Actually, one can eat a meal with appropriate portions--chewing each bite ten times--in less than 20 minutes.

    You may want extra time for kids to hang out and converse with their friends, but 20 minutes for eating is perfectly adequate.

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